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The event is over with 110 campers joinin in. Here's the event summary. Do keep in touch with pavan.soni@wipro.com for upcoming WiCamps



(pronounced as we-camp)




Theme: Cultural Dimensions of Innovation


Date: Friday, July 18, 2008


Time: 2 PM till 7 PM


Venue: Wipro Technologies, Shantiniketan, 2nd floor, Learning Centre, Block DM, Sector – V, Saltlake, Kolkata - 700091





The event it was!

Perhaps the only community missing out in our WiCamps was ‘Politicians’. And what better a place than the ‘City of Joy’ to have them here. And who better than the ‘IT Minister of State’ to be a camper at this 6th episode of Wipro’s Innovation Camp. Over 110 campers joined in from various hues and shades of this great city and near around places. They came in from institutions including: XLRI Jamshedpur, OldMonkStuff, Convonix, IIIT Kolkata, KIIT Bhubaneswar, Institute of Engineering & Management Kolkata, IIM Calcutta, Heritage Institute of Technology Kolkata, State Government of Kolkata, The Economic Times, One Laptop Per Child, Alvari Systems, IIFT Kolkata, Indian Statistical Institute Kolkata, Seahorse Ship Agencies, APT Software, Jadavpur University, Acclaris Business Solutions, Indus Towers, L2C2 Technologies, AneaMedia, ITME Kolkata and Wipro Limited. As you can see, there are increasing number of startups and students participating, and the sentiments are wide and clear that there is more than enthusiasm that one could learn from them. So here’s a quick take on the Kolkata WiCamp.

Having widely realized that innovation is a peoples’ game, the theme chosen for the Kolkata WiCamp was “Cultural Dimension of Innovation”. The IT Minister of State set the context apt for culture when he vouched that “anyone can innovate” provided that s/he has free time and be sufficiently motivate/ challenged. With a belief that innovation can be toughed, the much excited and humble minister narrated his experiments with creativity as a faculty (earlier) and in politics (currently). As debates broke, few arguments appeared … innovation calls for a spirit of enquiry, freedom and an out-of-box thinking… formal education doesn’t really kill creativity but teachers have the onus to inspire risk taking attitude and challenge youth.


The gears changed quickly when a few bright startups did some story telling on their endeavors. The essential ingredients of innovations were: a challenge/ cause/ desperation or at times insult; a personal pursuit characterized by courage, faith and discipline; a business model which is ingenious; and an ecosystem which is agile and rich.


The first brainstorming session broke on arriving at the RoI of Innovation, or simple the RoI (Return on Innovation). The streaming views read as ROI is in measuring… the value added to society as well an individual/ team; the resulting sustainable development; personal satisfaction; that small change which is felt; the impact on brand (internal and external); the ∆ (additionally); and of course money. But it was a common sentiment that RoI must include both tangible and intangible measures and the discipline of measurement is the hallmark of a great innovator.


Post a high tea break (one without tea) the campers joined in with lot more enthusiasm (atleast I felt so)! The topic now for the brainstorming was “Innovation Culture in a Globally Connected Services Economy” (quite a mouthful). Essentially it to debate on how services firms operating in a global supply chain could hone an innovation culture. It all started with deciphering the difficult term ‘culture’. Hints came as: set of beliefs, behavior patterns, policy, an approach and common aspirations. In context to an innovative culture, the manifestation would be in terms of: allowance of make mistakes, having proper measures in place, agility, a suitable managing style (+ buy-in), drive from leadership, ability to create an innovative brand for customers as well employees. What is increasingly important is to make employees aware of the context in which they innovate, as not all what employees do is visible (or valuable) for the customer.


In all, the Kolkata WiCamp was characterized by a lot of enthusiasm, eagerness to (un)learn and a sincere approach towards socializing. Am sure that we would have even more campers joining in even more bizarre WiCamps of future.

To learn more and contribute to this bandwagon, please visit WiCamp.





About WiCamp


WiCamp which stands for Wipro’s Innovation Camp is inspired by the silicon-valley styled BarCamps which are un-conference like meetings. Here like minded people come over and share their learning on a topic of mutual interest through presentation, demos, videos, etc.


Who can attend the WiCamp

Students across ages! We all are students wearing different masks, working in organizations run by us or otherwise. To be more specific; invitation goes to Start-ups, Large Firms, VCs, Students, Researchers and by no means limited to the IT industry. The more diverse the more creative!


What would be the takeaway for me

Knowing people and their perspectives on Innovation and Creativity. You would also be encouraged to share your thoughts on the subject and expand your knowledge horizon.


Themes for the WiCampKolkata


  • The people dimensions of innovation
  • Practices of motivating people
  • Instigating the creative spirit among people




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