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Silicon Valley Web Builder (SVWB) Volunteer


Assigned Areas

Chief in command: Clive Boulton

MC #1: Clive Boulton

MC #2: Abdulkarriem Khan

Photographer: Benny Ng (will be on site for the whole event)

Videographer & Editor: Alex Amaya

Registration: Lewis Nerenberg

Signage: Lewis Nerenberg

Facility: Benny Ng (will be on site for the whole event)

Bagels Delivery: Jay Nugge

Supplies: Bess Ho

Contest Prizes: Bess Ho

Sponsorship: Bess Ho

Speakers: Issac Trotts

Jobs: Genice Jacobs


DayTime Activity
Sat5:00pm Setup Wall Session - Bess Ho, Clive Boulton, Abdulkarriem Khan
Sat5:00pm Setup Contest Info - Bess Ho, Clive Boulton, Abdulkarriem Khan
Setup Wall Job Listing - Genice Jacobs
Setup Signs - Lewis Nerenberg


Registration Volunteer Schedule

Day Time Registration
Sat 5:00pm-7:00pmLewis Nerenberg(*), Genice Jacobs, C Lee, Navdeep Jhimb
7:00pm-8:00pmGenice Jacobs(*), Volunteer 1, Volunteer 2
8:00pm-9:00pmGenice Jacobs(*), Volunteer 1, Volunteer 2
9:00pm-10:00pmGenice Jacobs(*), Volunteer 1, Volunteer 2
10:00pm-12:00pmLewis Nerenberg(*), Navdeep Jhimb, C Lee


Sun 12:00pm-1:00pmLewis Nerenberg(*), Genice Jacobs, C Lee, Albert Liu
1:00pm-2:00pmGenice Jacobs(*), Albert Liu, C Lee, Volunteer 1, Volunteer 2
2:00pm-3:00pmGenice Jacobs(*), Albert Liu, Volunteer 1
3:00pm-5:00pmLewis Nerenberg(*), Albert Liu, Volunteer 1


  • Officer in charge of Registration Table. Our registration is acting as information desk located on 1st floor. Registration covers registration list, sign-up list, collection, donation, information distribution, last minute and emergency tasks.


Overnight Volunteer Team:

Clive Boulton (Chief In Charge)

Abdulkarriem Khan

Lewis Nerenberg

Kenny Spade

Abdel Remani

Newton Chan

C Lee

Navdeep Jhimb



10 paper sign (SVWB logo)

10 paper sign (Barcamp logo)

10 paper sign (Facebook Developer Garage logo)

5 paper sign (User Experience Contest)

2 paper sign (Job Listing)



1,000 promotional cards (paid)

5,000 promotional cards (paid)

200 poker chips (paid)

wall size white paper (paid)

small white index card (paid)

jumbo size white index card (paid)

color pens & thick markers (paid)

clear packaging tape (paid)

painter tape (paid)

100 jumbo name label 2 packages (paid)

24 plastic name badge (paid)

white labels (donated by Bess Ho)

color paper & card stock (donated by Bess Ho)


Main Page:



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