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GiveMeAnArtGrant.com: Peer to Peer Micro-Grants for Arts and Culture


Pronounced pä-trōn'


Purpose: Provide a place for artists to solicit and receive microgrants from P2P patrons. Kiva for artists, except not repayable loans, rather one-time microgrants for specific project proposals.


Approach: Use Drupal as a platform for artists to self-generate a page with an embedded donation widget.




would be a blog with their profile and donation info in the sidebar. They could use the blog to update about work progress including end-results of granted projects, make requests, etc.


The main page would aggregate all artist posts into a river. Could also collect tags from artist profiles to build a tag cloud for artist discovery.


Artist workflow:


1) Create a profile

-- name

-- location

-- description of project

-- tags, keywords

-- existing URLs

-- upload multi-media of work

-- plug in paypal acct for donation widget

2) Create Profile post that is a generic description of project/request

3) Generate ongoing updates

4) Create a new project/request for funding


How to sections:


create a profile

add your paypal account

set up donation widget

create a post

post your art


Patron workflow:


1) Find a project


Methods of discovery:


tag cloud browsing

review river of posts/feeds/email

direct to url


2) Create a profile on the site

-- similar to artist profile

-- describe projects you want to fund

-- updates


Some other places for us to review:







Micropayment Service Providers


  • PayPal
  • Fundable
  • ChipIn

    Currently hosted at http://www.givemeanartgrant.org (also secured artistgrant.org).


    If you are interested in continuing work on this project, please contact Evelyn Rodriguez, 408-513-7324 or crossroadsdispatches =at= gmail =dot= com, or twitter.com/eve11.


    Original inspiration


    An article in the SF Weekly called Tipping Point about Josh Greene's microgrant program, here's the FAQ from the defunct site:


    *How much is a Service-Works grant?


    The amount of each month’s grant is determined by how much money I make in a specified night of work at the restaurant. On average I walk home with $200. Please keep in mind, sometimes it’s less, sometimes it’s more.


    *Who is eligible for a Service-Works grant?


    You are. There are no prerequisites.


    *How do I apply for a Service-Works grant?


    The application process is quite simple. You write a paragraph or two explaining your proposed project. An itemized budget is also required.


    *Who selects the grantees and what are they looking for?


    I am the only juror so the grants are given out based solely on my interests. I am most interested in funding small projects that may involve exchange, interaction, story telling and problem solving. I have a particular fondness for projects that grow out of and deal with real-life situations, be they political, personal or environmental. I also enjoy work that incorporates risk, humor, pathos and absurdity. As Service-Works evolves you will see the grant recipients’ projects on this website to help you get a greater sense of what I’m looking for.


    *Do I have to be an artist to apply?


    You don’t have to be an artist to apply and your project doesn’t necessarily have to seem like art. The benchmark isn’t whether something is art, but rather whether something is engaging.


    *I have been working on a project for several months now and I am getting close to finishing it. It would be great to have a Service-Works grant to aid me in the final stages of my project. Would you be interested in supporting the completion of my project?


    No, I do not provide funds for the completion of projects that are already in progress. I am interested in creating a direct relationship between my work in the restaurant and an artist’s work so it is important that the project you propose is based upon my average nightly income of $200. It is also vital that your project can be started and completed within about three weeks.


    *Is there any sort of follow up that I have to do if I receive a grant?


    Yes there is follow up. Grantees are required to document their project using images and text. Each project will be presented on this website. Because I want this website to function as a place where people can view and learn about the various projects, there will be a fairly quick turnaround time between when one is awarded a grant and when the project must be completed. Further details can be found on the “apply” page.


    *Why would you give your own hard-earned money away to strangers?


    Good question. Not so long ago, I was in the midst of applying to several substantial grants for a couple of different projects. I spent a good amount of time putting together applications and even more time imagining how receiving the grants might effect my work and my life. With Service-Works I wanted to create a grant that would have a streamlined application process and a speedy turnaround time. I also want to create a more direct relationship between the funder and the funded.


    *What if my project costs a lot more than $250?


    Projects with budgets over $300 will not be considered. In order to cement the relationship between my work at the restaurant and your project work, the costs need to be close to what I earn in a single night.


    *How will I receive the money if I win?


    If you live in the United States, you will be paid in two installments. The day after the shift I work on your behalf, I will send you a check for half of the amount of the grant. A check for the remaining half will be sent to you once you submit documentation of your completed project. If you live in another country I will use Pay Pal to transfer the funds to your account.


    *Can I apply more than once?


    You can apply as many times as you like. If you have several different project ideas, please submit them individually.