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OSNCamp is the gathering for all those interested in openness and knowledge sharing for a "just sustainability". It is also the first gathering of the Open Sustainability Network.


Subjects covered include sustainability, international development, appropriate technology and solutions to poverty, and particularly how openness relates to these issues..




For more information, see:



What's it about?


Thousands of organizations and millions of people are currently working to effectively tackle a set of profound global challenges through the creation, adoption and commercialization of sustainable approaches and clean technologies. Our efforts are fragmented. It is time to promote a culture of working together while maintaining our own special niches by leveraging shared and openly licensed solutions.


Join us for the first Open Sustainability Network unconference as we explore free content and knowledge sharing in sustainability, international development, appropriate technology and solutions to poverty.





Open Sustainability Network (more information)

October 18-19, 2008

8am-4pm (tentative)

Jack Adams hall

Cesar Chavez building

San Fransisco State University

1600 Holloway Ave

San Francisco, CA, 94132 USA



Come play


Join our thriving international community of scholars, makers, thinkers, and world-shakers - the event is open to all with a willingness to contribute and a desire to work throughout the weekend to make change happen. Registration is free and travel scholarships may be available to those with financial need (depending on sponsorship).

Pitch in


In true unconference style, all attendees are expected to contribute to running the event in some way. For some people this means giving a presentation or running a tutorial. For others it means volunteering - podcasting the event, organizing carpools, donating food, or making sure the rooms are stocked with whiteboard markers. It all depends on your interests and abilities - there are many ways to lend a hand.