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OpenIDDevCamp San Francisco 2008




DateJanuary 11-13, 2007 (Friday night until Sunday afternoon) (RSVP here)
TimeFriday (01/11): 6pm-10pm / Saturday (01/12): 9am-10pm / Sunday (01/13): 9am-6pm
Location Six Apart 548 4th St San Francisco, CA - (here)
AttendanceAlways free! If you are planning to attend in-person, please add your name and contact info below.
FormatPresentations, development projects, and demos




OpenIDDevCamp is an upcoming gathering, inspired by BarCamp, SuperHappyDevHouse, and MacHack, to develop web-based applications that use OpenID. It is a non-commercial event, organized by volunteers, with attendance free to all. By the completion of the weekend event we want to OpenID-enable many public web sites as well as grow the ranks of the OpenID community. The event will be held at the San Francisco offices of Six Apart, and out-of-town guests are welcome.


Attendees will include web designers, developers and testers all working together over the weekend to enable OpenID on their sites or just learn more about this technology. Bonus points go to folks who can help make OpenID more accessible to general users. Development projects will include both solo and team efforts. While some attendees will wish to work solo during the event, we encourage attendees to team up, based on expertise, to work in ad-hoc project development teams. All attendees should be prepared to work on a development project during the event.


Attendees will be able to:


  • Enable their web applications with OpenID.
  • Learn about resources for OpenID and what its all about.
  • Find help making your web applications work with OpenID.
  • Meet people in the OpenID community.


This event is being held following the finalization of the OpenID 2.0 specification. This allows attendees to learn more about the changes in OpenID or get involved if they have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for 2.0 to be completed.




  • Friday, January 11th, 2008, 6pm-10pm: OpenIDDevCamp Kick-off: Evening gathering, discussion of the event, project planning
  • Saturday, January 12th, 2008 9am-10pm: OpenIDDevCamp Day 1: Kickoff, presentations, development
  • Sunday, January 13th, 2008, 9am-6pm: OpenIDDevCamp Day 2: Development, project demos and launch, end by 6pm




  • Changes in OpenID 2.0 from OpenID 1.1
  • OpenID in mobile


Remote Participation


If you will not be able to join the main event at the San Francisco offices of Six Apart, but would like to organize a satellite event in your own city, please create a sub-page, (e.g. http://barcamp.org/OpenIDDevCampBoston ), and link to it here.


We will also be exploring ways to allow for remote participation. Please stay tuned for more information.


Event IRC/Chat:


OpenID Channel on pibb.com.


There is an IRC relay setup between the OpenID channel on Pibb and Freenode.




There is an ongoing OpenID developer community discussion list that the organizers of this list are members of. This is a good place for technical discussions before the OpenIDDevCamp, as well as place to recruit team members and discuss projects for the hack-a-thon.


Please visit OpenIDDevCampLinks for OpenID-related resources and links.




Blog posts, news articles, etc can go here:


  • We don't have any ... get crackin'!


Please use 'openiddevcamp' for your tagged photos:






Want to sponsor? Get in touch with Scott Kveton (at his first name at his last name dot com). The more the merrier!



Transportation, Parking, and Lodging


We are not able to provide transportation or lodging for the event. Attendees will need to make their own arrangements.


Public Transportation: Check routes and schedules. Weekend service may be limited. Six Apart's office is two blocks from CalTrain and near many MUNI lines.


    • who knows mass transit around 6A offices?

Parking: There is plenty of parking around 601 Townsend, especially on Berry Street and along 7th. The Adobe Parking Garage will be closed during the event. Since it's the weekend, we should be ok for parking. The San Francisco Giants are playing out of town this weekend.


    • same goes for hotels

Reasonably-priced hotels within 'walking distance' or a short cab ride:


  • Hotel Britton, 112 Seventh Street, San Francisco, CA 94103, ~$90/night, free wifi
  • Powell Hotel, 28 Cyril Magnin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102, ~$120/night, free wifi


What to Bring


  • Laptop with wireless card and a power supply
  • Camera (Flickr tag: openiddevcamp)




Three weeks from inception to execution. Can we do it? Yes, we can! The instigators (creators) of OpenIDDevCamp include Chris Messina, Scott Kveton and David Recordon.




MC: Chris, Scott and David

Sponsorships: Scott Kveton

Logistics and press: [??]

Evangelism, presentations and so forth: Chris Messina

Facilities: David Recordon


  • feel free to assign yourself a task that you think needs doin'


For more information on BarCamp roles, please visit the Building Block Roles for BarCamp page.




If you are planning to attend in-person, list yourself right here:



  1. Jesse Tayler, Netmodular Community
  2. Scott Kveton, MyStrands
  3. Chris Messina, Citizen Agency
  4. David Recordon, Six Apart
  5. Ryan Barrett, Google
  6. Marc Canter, Broadband Mechanics - oooops sorry can't make it, maybe I'll see yah at Matt's b-day party on Polk St.
  7. Add to address book Tantek Çelik - microformats (San Francisco, CA)  
  8. Eugene Eric Kim, Blue Oxen Associates
  9. Matthew O'Connor
  10. Jon Bardin, Working on an OpenID comment system for my site, and investigating the DiSo Project
  11. Matt Sciulli, Astrology.com
  12. Luke Sontag, myVidoop.com
  13. Ben Metcalfe, advisor to various start-ups and companies, DataPortability Workgroup, APML - I have a hectic weekend but I want to catch up with you all so will try and make some of it.
  14. Joseph Poon
  15. Philip Tellis (bluesmoon)


Internet Access


    • The Six Apart office should be able to support wifi for everyone.