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MobileCampBrighton is over!




Write Ups

By Terence Eden

By Mark Kirby

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Tag: #mobilecampbrighton - use this on flickr, twitter, vimeo etc



Saturday 28th February

10am Registration starts.

10.45am Welcome talk, introductions & grid

11am first talk

1pm Lunch, sponsored by Vodafone

6pm end day


If you would like to come to MobileCampBrighton add your name to this wiki in the Attendees section. Follow @MobileBrighton on Twitter for updates.


The Skiff coworking space, 49 Cheltenham Place, Brighton, BN1 4AB. Only 5 minutes walk from the train station.


A barcamp style unconference for mobile developers and designers to meet up and share their knowledge.

You can find out more about the BarCamp movement and the rules and principles of being an attendee on the RulesOfBarCamp page. Please make sure you understand what a BarCamp is before you sign up.

Sponsors of MobileCampBrighton

Please let us know if you're interested in giving a hand with MobileCampBrighton.

What to bring

  • Laptop
  • All the chargers/cables you'll need
  • If you're using a Mac for a presentation, VGA adapters
  • Spare battery (if you have one)
  • Camera
  • An idea for a session, presentation or talk
  • ...?



Let everyone know what you're thinking of talking about or what you'd like to hear

  • Mobile service design for social innovation (Priya Prakash-would like to speculate) (Covered in BoP)
  • Monetisation and UXD - weaving it together  (Priya Prakash-would like to hear)
  • BoP - What kinds of mobile services could lurk there? (Priya Prakash-would like to brainstorm) Presenation Posted here
  • New content types (mobile widgets, mobile flash)
  • Vouchacha - a location based service in 48 hrs
  • Mobile Secret Software - stuff you won't find on your phone's App Store! (Tom Morris)
  • "The Mobile Underground" - innovation in the depths of the mobile web (Jamescoops)



Attendees & Registration

Sign up for MobileCampBrighton here. We have space for up to 45 people to attend.

Edit the wiki and add your name and a link here if you're attending.

  1. Dan W (t, b)
  2. Priya Prakash (twitter)
  3. Simon Maddox (twitter)
  4. Kevin Prince
  5. Antony Ribot (twitter)
  6. Owen Griffin (twitter)
  7. Kieran Gutteridge (twitter)
  8. Sam Machin (t) May be driving from Bristol.
  9. James Coops twitter blog
  10. Terence Eden (@edent)
  11. Pei Chi Lo (twitter)
  12. Ben Reyes (twitter) (web)
  13. Kevin Edwards (twitter)
  14. Jerome Ribot (twitter)
  15. Carin Campanario
  16. Jonathan Markwell (t, b)
  17. Toby Watson (twitter) - drat, family thing, will see...
  18. Matt Lacey (twitter)
  19. Omar Istalifi
  20. Tom Morris (@tommorris) has to go to London first, but will hopefully be along at 14:30ish.
  21. Marten van Wezel
  22. Bryan Rieger (@bryanrieger) if I can free up the time...
  23. Palashi Pandya
  24. Mark Kirby (@markirby)
  25. Raul P