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Mobido is an easy way to:


  • Learn about the other people at BarCamp
  • Let someone know that you'd like to chat
  • Find someone after the event when you didn't catch their name, but you know what they look like
  • See where everyone is from



How do I get started?


Use your mobile phone, laptop, or desktop computer and send

a message to barcamp@mobido.com


A simple text message or empty email will do, but adding a picture of yourself

and a few words to describe who you are or what you are looking for is much better.


You can also signup on the web.



Mingle with your Mobile


Use your mobile phone to browse the people of BarCamp - point your browser to http://mobido.com/m (If you have a laptop, visit http://mobido.com/barcamp )


When you find someone you'd like to talk with, leave them a comment on their picture.





Mobido never shares your email address or mobile phone number, and all messages are anonymized.


Only your friends can send you messages.


Check it out...

Here is a map of the people who signed up for BarCampSanFrancisco on Mobido: