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iPhoneDevCamp San Francisco 2007


Making the web a better place for iPhone.


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Final Logo


iPhoneDevCamp logo by Chris Messina and Louie Mantia


Icon (PNG): http://barcamp.pbwiki.com/f/iPhoneDevCamp-icon-512.png

Icon (PDF): http://barcamp.pbwiki.com/f/iPhoneDevCamp-icon.pdf

Wordmark (PNG): http://barcamp.pbwiki.com/f/iPhoneDevCamp.png

Wordmark (PDF): http://barcamp.pbwiki.com/f/iPhoneDevCamp.pdf


Previous Submissions


Help us design a logo for iPhoneDevCamp. Pleasee add ideas here for review.


  1. IPDC logo tools by Chris Messina
  2. IPDC logo apple by Chris Messina
  3. IPDC logo gears by Chris Messina
  4. IPDC logo bars by Chris Messina
  5. IPDC_logo_speaker by Chris Messina
  6. BarCamp logo by Magno Urbano (addfone.com)
  7. IPDC logo   hammer


Slogan (-- dotBen)


I'd love to see a play on words of the 'Raising The Bar' slogan from the old Cingular brand, especially as 'new AT&T' has dumped the phrase.


  1. Raising our bars
  2. Raising the barcamp
  3. Passing the bar
  4. Saddle up to the bar
  5. Katie bar the kitchen door?


Post comments and feedback to the comments page referencing the number of the mockup