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How to Create Innovative Products

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Innovation in Product Creation, Marketing and Recursive Improvement


In this session we will discuss how to create innovative products. While ideas are exciting, how do you make sure that they are useful? How do you let the world know that your product exists? How do you get users?


At iMorph and at my previous start-ups (two in India and two in USA), I have been building products. I would love to share some of my experiences, joy and frustration in running product companies over the past 25+ years.


In this interactive session we hope to discuss the following:



  1. Creativity and Innovation
  2. Keeping an Idea Log - Ideas trigger ideas
  3. Innovation and Knowledge
  4. Trend is your friend (Tracking Trends)
  5. How do you know your Idea is good?
  6. Innovation in Development - Less is more
  7. Innovation in marketing - how do you take your idea to market?
  8. Recursive product improvement - An ear to the ground
  9. Team Innovation - Six Thinking Hats, Multiple Intelligence


We will touch upon the following:


  1. Open Innovation
  2. Shrinking the time to market
  3. Increasing hit-rate of ideas (Test an idea early, a bigger vision behind a smaller implementation)
  4. Managing teams for innovation (Encourage exploration and experimentation, early failure is not a problem, share experience, team vs person, wear multiple hats)