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Jay Cross

HillaryHartley - dude. rock on.

[www.weareteachers.com | bob carlton]



Alex(dangerouslyawesome)Hillman - I'm so into this.

marla trevino


James Sherrett (da dah!)

Estelle Havva

Kate Trgovac

Monique Trottier www.somisguided.com


RolandTanglao - sounds like fun, hope i can help! - oh sure have it houston where i can't attend :-) gonna lurk here and see how i can help with a Vancouver one in the future

GinaCardazone - yes, yes and yes.

Charlie O'Donnell

John Koetsier

Michael Galpert


Micki Krimmel - I'm so wearing a cape.

Beth Goza - word. wonder twin powers activate.

Marcus Nelson - Now where did I put my super-secret decoder ring?

Lee Allen

Phillip Jeffrey

Kai Chang - keep me posted ... should be a great gathering!

Darren Barefoot - Count me in. Glad to help in some capacity.

Julie Selby

Dawn Bowles

TrueLightTracey - add me to the list to help

Katherine Druckman

Silona Bonewald

Deb Roby [Think Kind (going live this week):http://www.loveyourselffirst.org/}

Laura Mayes - Yes, please.

full film - I can probably be there in person and present on the future of education as background.

http://www.webstrategyblog.com/ (Karen O'Brien) would love to attend - also let me know how I can help!

Judson Collier - Heck yeah, would love to give a different perspective!

Henry Halff - Looking forward to this. Can sponsor. Can present. Can present again.

Mark Lipton This is very important work!

Mario Santoyoevden eve taşımacılık 

Sheila Thomson

Kate Brodock I'd love to help out organizing, so please let me know! I could also speak to extracurricular activities as part of education, and can help with any 2.0 aspects.

Aaron Poffenberger - Willing to talk about homeschooling and parental involvement in general in education.

Justin Kerr-Stevens I'm there.

Ranjani S. (http://www.biscuitrat.com) - I'll try to attend :)

Seth Blank - Oh, you couldn't keep me away. That and I've been threatened with death for failing to attend.

Michael Cummings - I cant pass up taking pictures of superheros!

Ian Wilker - I love the idea -- in these times, without heroic aspirations we're all sunk.

Tracy Ruggles - Awesome! This is a great idea... count me in.

Thomas Knoll - Still trying to determine my physical involvement, but I herby bequeath all muh 5ki11Z

Josh Tabin - Can't commit to 4-5 days but will do my best to help promote, support and attend.

Robert Brackenridge Ready to help build a hero roadmap!

Evelyn Rodriguez May sound weird, but recommend reading Neal Stephenson's "The Diamond Age, or A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer" before camp to stir up revolutionary, "subversive" interactive education ideas

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