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Page history last edited by Frederic Baud 11 years, 3 months ago

Who am I?

I'm an engineer by education and an economist by nature. I've been an entrepreneur on a couple of occasions. I've been fundamentally interested in Corporate and Business Strategy for the past 20 years with a particular angle lately in Corporate Finance.




new startup projects

I'm interested in both, incubation and early stage projects.


Incubation can be as early that: you feel like being an entrepreneur and are ready to spend time in looking for potential marketable ideas in a particular domain.


Early-stage for me is like: you have a fair understanding of your value proposition, your market and have screenshots, a demo or even better a prototype to support and communicate your idea to the stakeholders the projects needs to attract (future clients, founding team, Business Angels or Venture Capitalists investors).


As you can see, I'm interested in bridging the gap between the time where projects consist of an isolated would-be entrepreneur and the time where projects have accumulated enough evidence to attract standard interest (clients, investors, analysts,...).


If you want discuss your project or just want to brainstorm on how new technologies could be turned into new profitable markets, you can contact me (see my contact info below).




I'm also very interested in the use of new technologies in the world of finance and in particular in investment banking. In that respect, I'm very excited by new initiatives relating to BarCampBank.


Contact info

Frederic Baud, 46


email: fbaud ^at^ p2pventure @dot@ org

Skype: fredericbaud

Twitter: http://twitter.com/FredericBaud

Myblog: http://frederic.flexrun.com/blog








BarCampBank, P2PVenture, FundCamp, SparkCamp, P2PMoney