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ecoCampLondon is a Barcamp about the environment and sustainability which aims to get together passionate people to discuss, engage, interact and ultimately take action!

If you are bored of traditional conferences and love the environment, try something new, challenge yourself! Few free tickets left!


Not sure? More info? Pop an email itsbeenalongtime{@}gmail{.}com


Here you'll find more info on BarCamps. ecoCamp's different though.


We mash up with Open Space Technology. Simply unique.


- Each session will deliver a document called ecoCamp@World, wrapping up discussions, contributions, outputs from the session. We don't want to lose everybody's efforts and ideas! We want the content of ecoCamp to be used and talked about after the event as well.

- Each session will be coordinated by a Promoter. The Promoter is the person in charge of facilitating discussion, managing time, coordinating outputs.




ecoCampLondon Guide

View SlideShare SlideShare">presentation or Upload your own. (tags: unconference barcamp)






We welcome our sponsor Blue Green Carbon Offsetting who will take care of making the event carbon neutral!





How will we collect discussions?

We will use LiveTwitting.com

{Don't know what twitter is? Get an account at twitter.com and skip this session!}

How does it work?


- Every attendee needs to follow either @livetwitting or @livet

- There are very simple commands to learn:


To start livetwitting d livetwitting ON Name or ID of Conference # Session Title

Example: d livetwitting ON BlogWorld 2008 # Keynote
Example: d livetwitting ON 25 # Keynote

To record your notes Just type away! Every status update will be recorded until you turn it off.
You can send direct messages (d livetwitting your notes) if you don’t want
to share your livetwitting with your followers.
To mark a segment with a Topic name (optional) d livetwitting TOPIC Name of Topic
To mark a speaker (optional) d livetwitting SPEAKER Speaker’s Name
To mark a Question & Answer segment (optional) d livetwitting QA
To pause recording (i.e. to say hi to someone else) d livetwitting PAUSE
To resume recording (after a pause command) d livetwitting RESUME
To end livetwitting d livetwitting OFF

We will give a Twitter name to each session so it will be very easy for you to tag it appropriately.




ecoCamp rules are based on Harrison Owen's Open Space Technology


- No pre-scheduling: sessions will be proposed on the day

- Whoever comes is the right people

- Whatever happens is the only thing that could have

- Whenever it starts is the right time: we care about creativity and participation, more than over- scheduling

- When it's over, it's over: don't waste time, move on to something else when the fruitful discussion ends


The law of the two feet

If you feel you are not contributing or getting anything out of a session, you “must take responsibility to use your two feet, and move to a new session where you can make a difference. This departure need not be made in anger or hostility, but only after honouring the people involved and the space they occupy. By word or gesture, indicate that you have nothing further to contribute, wish them well, and go and do something useful.”




Saturday, 29 November 2008 9am - 6.30pm




We will be hosted by UnLtd

123 Whitecross Street




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We strongly suggest you avoid using your car. We invite you to use public transport. Location is close to Barbican and Old Street Tube Stations.

You can check for carpooling here




- Carmen Boscolo, sustainability manager, blogger, barcamps goer, @carmenhere, carmenboscolo at gmail dot com

- Julius Solaris, blogger, @tojulius





- UnLtd, our main sponsor, they support great projects, make sure you check out their website www.unltd.org.uk

- Blue Green Carbon Offsetting, they certify organizations as well as events as carbon neutral www.bluegreencarbon.com

- LowCarbonEconomy.com - Let's Make It Happen, a website dedicated to everything about a low carbon economy www.LowCarbonEconomy.com



LowCarbonEconomy.com has contributed an advertising credit voucher as a prize worth £200 to EcoCamp. The lucky winner will be able to promote their products, services and more through the largest website in the low carbon sector. Prize includes help in getting the campaign started. Normal Terms & Conditions apply.








The event is free. We have room for 50 people.

A ticket is your promise that you will be there and won't exclude others. You pledge to inform us at least one week before if you won't make it!

Tickets are now available at http://ecocamp.eventbrite.com/



Our official logo designer, Fabio Cannillo. @fabivs fabio.cannillo at gmail dot com



- Follow @ecoCamp on Twitter

- Please use #ecoCampLondon

- ecoCamp Blog




Please use ecocamplondon tag