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Thanks everybody for making DrupalCampWI an awesome time!

Close to 50 people showed up and contributed to 16 different sessions.

Check out the photos on Flickr and help plan BarCampMadison2 coming in April.




DrupalCamp is a drupal-centric BarCamp-style event. See groups.drupal.org/wisconsin for more information


To register, add your name to the participants list below, or email your info to blake AT blakehall DOT org


Follow via the Internet


freenode.net #drupalcampwi


Live Streaming

At Ustream



On Flickr


Resource Links

Drupal 5 themeing guidelines

Drupal 6 themeing guidelines

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Event details



Saturday, January 19th, 2008

10AM - 10PM (Registration starts at 9AM)



Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE)

Multipurpose Room

1025 N. Broadway Milwaukee, WI Google Map It

There will be signs, but in case you get lost....

1. Go in doors in middle of building on Broadway side (building address above doors)

2. Take elevators in front of you to third floor.

3. Turn right and walk 20 yards - you're there.


Where to stay

Hotels in the downtown area (via Travelocity)





  • Incoming donations (cash, in-kind)
    • MSOE - space


  • Outgoing expenses




Day 1


  • Morning
    • Group discussion about Drupal community
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon


    • Casual/New Users
    • 1 -- Drupal Users Session
    • Steve Hanson -- Cruiskeen Consulting
    • Overview for new Drupal users


    • 2 -- CCK Users
    • Karen S
    • Overview of how CCK works and benefits of using it


    • 3 -- Views
    • Blake Hall
    • Intro to Views and how they work; used BarCampMilwaukee.com for examples


    • 4 -- Podcasting
    • Gabe Wollenberg
    • Condensed version of how Gabe uses services from other sites to minimize server overload on his sites


    • 5 -- Ubercart


    • Developers/Ninjas
    • 1 -- CCK(6) - KarenS
    • 2 -- PHP 5.2 - Crell
    • 3 -- Yahoo UI
    • 4 -- Drupalash and Drupalex
    • 5 -- DB Layer Drupal 7


  • Dinner


    • 7 -- Theming 100 (HTML and CSS tricks)


    • 8 -- Theming 101
    • Blake Hall (taken from Pro Drupal Development book)


  • Evening/Party


Proposed Sessions


  • add your topic...
  • Drupal for Users - Steve Hanson
  • Building a group blog political site with Drupal - Steve Hanson
  • Druplash and Druplex: Content Managed Flash/Flex using Drupal - Brian McMurray and Steven Merrill
  • Building a shopping cart with Drupal and Übercart - Steven Merrill and David Needham (david@davidneedham.net for freelance work)
    • I will also show the Drupal/Übercart shopping site I built. - Pete Prodoehl
  • CCK for D6 - KarenS
    • This will be an overview of the new features in CCK in D6. Notable changes are a nice AHAH 'add more' button for multiple values, drag 'n drop resorting of multiple values, and drag 'n drop sorting of fields and groups on the Manage Fields screen. There are also lots of API changes for module developers that I can go over, if there are any in the audience.
  • Date Version 5.2 - KarenS
    • Lots of changes to the Date module, including a complete re-work of the API to use the new and better date handling functions in PHP 5.2, lots of new ways to define default values for dates, a new jQuery popup calendar picker (that can be used by other modules, too), and a Date Repeat API that can also be used by other modules.wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet
  • Drupalcasting: How Drupal makes Podcasting easier and harder at the same time. --HeyGabe
  • Group Participation Sessions
    • Build a custom Drupal theme on Yahoo UI - Ryan Smith (I'm looking for feedback on this session idea: ratioswitch a@t gmail d ot com ... more info)
    • I'm also looking for the help of a few Drupal experts in this session as the advanced PHP is where many new users struggle




Topics I would like to hear about


  • Drupal Basics and Orientation - James Carlson, Ben Stallings
  • Drupal-friendly Webhosts - James Carlson
  • Converting an Existing Site to Drupal - What's the best way to do it? - James Carlson, Ben Stallings
  • Managing Group and Member Communications With Drupal - how do we keep a site/community in the loop? - James Carlson
  • Using Drupal for Revenue Generation - James Carlson
    • (Accepting donations or Selling products/services?)
  • Building an Extranet with Drupal - Pete Prodoehl
    • I have build one, but feel it is a little clunky in it's execution -Pete Prodoehl
  • Theming Drupal (where to start, how to customize)
  • CSS Frameworks and how they apply to Drupal (YUI, Blueprint, etc)
  • Build a private file delivery system using Drupal
  • Drupal Bloging? -jdavid.net i would like to move from wordpress to drupal on my blog
  • Drupal Taxonomy? -jdavid.net, Ben Stallings
  • Fields vs. terms vs. views: how to group and display info? - Ben Stallings
  • Intro to the Best modules of Drupal - jdavid.net
  • Drupal next, where should drupal go? - jdavid.net
  • Oauth, OpenID and drupal -jdavid.net
  • Theme and Module Development to Drupal 6
    • Including major changes necessary to port modules and themes
  • mixing cck and views with custom modules - Eric Howland
  • nesting cck types - Eric Howland


Add yourself below:









Please email Ashe or Pete after signing up so we know you aren't a robot, and so we can contact you the week of the event.


  1. Kevin Ciesielski (confirmed human)
  2. Mark Nasgowitz (emailed Ashe)
  3. Greg Wheatley
  4. Mike McCallister (confirmed human)
  5. James Carlson (confirmed human)
  6. Mollye Barrett
  7. Mike Rohde (confirmed human)
  8. Kevin Walsh (confirmed human)
  9. Matt Gauger (confirmed human)
  10. Bob Waldron (confirmed human)
  11. Steven Merrill (emailed Ashe)
  12. Brian McMurray
  13. David Needham
  14. De Murr (emailed blake)
  15. Ryan Smith (emailed Ashe)
  16. Chris Calip
  17. Larry Garfield
  18. Andrew Shell
  19. Terrabyte (emailed Ashe)
  20. Michael Steigerwald (emailed blake)
  21. Marc Adesso (emailed blake)
  22. Brian Adesso (emailed blake)
  23. Justin Kruger (jdavid.net) (confirmed human)
  24. Patricia Barden (im'd blake)
  25. Derek Dysart (emailed Ashe)
  26. Jake Roufa (planning on emailing blake :)
  27. Jon Thoms (signed up on Facebook)
  28. Sheldon Rampton (im'd Blake)
  29. Eric Howland
  30. KarenS (emailed blake)
  31. Phillip F. Knoll (emailed blake)
  32. Marcus Nelson "tentative" (confirmed human)
  33. Ben Stallings (emailed Ashe)
  34. Stephanie Lee (emailed Ashe)
  35. Fredric Mitchell
  36. Whil Hentzen
  37. Kris Dockter
  38. Dan Knauss (confirmed human)
  39. Chris Larkee
  40. George Holtz (confirmed human)
  41. Janette Day (confirmed human)
  42. Shane Easton
  43. Mark Scheuber (emailed Ashe)
  44. Alex Delgado (emailed Ashe)
  45. Janette Day (emailed Ashe)
  46. Kris Dockter (emailed Ashe)
  47. Stephanie Lee (emailed Ashe)
  48. Lee Allen (emailed Ashe)



Task List

(please cross out when it's done)




Wifi - provided by MSOE

Projector - provided by MSOE




Streaming or Stickam or Skype or Ustream









White Boards

Dry Erase Markers

Paper to hang notes on walls


Name tags


Get the T-Shirt!


You can order one from Goodstorm (Prices are not marked up, they cover just the cost to produce them.)


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