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DrupalCampNYC4 will be Saturday March 29th AND Sunday, March 30th, 2008 at Polytechnic University.

Want to lead a session? Have topic to discuss? Questions? Edit this page now to *propose* a session.

At the camp we will set the schedule for the day





Saturday March 29th


Saturday will mostly be a hardcore geek code sprint


Name of Session Reference Link to module Name Description
Intro to Drupal: Total Immersion Thomas Turnbull 4-6 hr introduction to Drupal

Although most of Saturday will be for advanced Drupal folk, this 4-6 hr session will give people new to Drupal an in-depth introduction to Drupal. Numbers are limited, so please sign up for this session at DrupalCampNYC4IntroToDrupal


Sunday March 30th


Name of Session Reference Link to module Name Description
Launching a sexy Drupal site for your business/organization in 1 hr. Panels, Views, Ubercart, etc. Adam Saunders Aimed at newbies. We will discuss the advantages and pitfalls of going Drupal as we build a basic biz/org website.
Building complex views Views, Views Theme Wizard Nat Meysenburg We will talk about various strategies for building views, including how to use argument handling to inject custom code, embedding views, and using multiple views on a single page.
When to drupal (and when not) Custom Node Types John Wojcik, Sean Salmon Case study for the management and searching of relational data in SQL and Drupal
Evaluating Contributed Modules any and all Eric Goldhagen There are thousands of contributed (non-core) modules available for drupal, how do you decide which ones to use? Geared towards new and intermediate users with little or no programing experience, this discussion will look into how to select the right module for any task -- how to compare modules that offer similar features, how to decide if a module is worth relying on, and a little bit on how to look into the code itself to evaluate the quality of a contributed module
Intro to Drupal http://drupal.org Sam Tresler This is a complete beginners session, I'll explain what drupal is, what it does, and answer questions.
Scaling Drupal Sam Tresler Descrition of the most labor and cost effective strategies to scale your drupal site.
DruTube: Drupal as a video solution http://drupal.org/project/media_mover Arthur Foelsche Drupal is an ideal platform form for video solutions on the web. I'll demo building an end to end video solution that takes uploaded files, transcodes them, stores them on Amazon's s3 servers, displays content in a flash player, and builds dynamic playlists without writing a line of code. Lots of discussion of modules and site building techniques. DruTubeNotes
Packaging themes for distribution need someone to lead session How to take a custom theme and make it generic and ready for release to the community
Workflow in drupal need someone to lead session How to set up an editorial workflow in drupal
best practices for moving sites from dev to live need someone to lead session how do people deal with moving changes from a dev server to their live sites?
Multiple sites need someone to lead session (added by Stephen Musgrave) Best practices on how to install Drupal to run off a single code base, different themes, shared database content w/ ability to publish content to one/many of the managed sites. Go through examples on how to access sites through subdomain and domain name for each site.
Mapping in Drupal http://drupal.org/project/gmap Thomas Turnbull An introduction to using maps in Drupal, focusing on the Google Map API and the GMap Module
Systems Archiecture and confoguration for Drupal Sam Tresler apach2ctl, php.ini, my.cnf, what makes a drupal site run?