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Sign up by adding your name below. Note: we have a 120 person limit for the event.


If you have registered but no longer plan to attend or plan to only attend one day, please take a moment to update this registration page to reflect that as per the post at http://groups.drupal.org/node/10098 . Thanks!


  1. Stephen Musgrave (stephen at capellic dot com), Capellic (Sun only) (#Ezra Barnett Gildesgame (Sat only) -Developer, pingVision - http://ezra-g.com/ http://pingv.com/ - ezragildesgame a\t gmail dot com .
  2. Benjamin Horst (bhorst at mac dot com), bhorst
  3. Adam Saunders (adam AT MarketAnomaly.com)
  4. Eric Goldhagen (eric at openflows.com), Openflows Community Technology Lab
  5. Thomas Turnbull (tom at thomasturnbull dot com), Green Map System
  6. Andy Michaels (lego at therac25 dot net), Achieve Internet (SAT ONLY) / Monica-Lisa Mills (dust at monica-lisa dot com) - (Sunday only)
  7. Dan Langevin (dan.langevin at gmail dot com)
  8. Nat Meysenburg (nat at openflows dot com), Openflows Community Technology Lab
  9. Frank Nikola (fnikola at gmail dot com), Cognisync
  10. Forest Mars (forest at mnn d0t 0rg), Manhattan Neighborhood Network
  11. John Zavocki (johnvsc@gmail.com), Artist | Neuromancer
  12. Kolton Carter (kcarter80@gmail.com), Graphic Designer
  13. Paul Maiorana (pmaiorana at mansueto dot com), Mansueto Ventures
  14. Chris Evjy (evjy at library.med.nyu.edu), NYU Health Sciences Libraries
  15. Emily Molanphy (molanphy at library med nyu edu), NYU Health Sciences Libraries
  16. Shawn Gregg (shawn at gmnDesign dot com), gmnDesign
  17. Wendy Siegel (cybersiegel@verizon.net), var. non-profits, edu.
  18. Hans-Christoph Steiner ( hans at eds dot org), at.or.at
  19. Lukasz Antkiewicz ( contact at lantkiewicz dot com ) ( http://lantkiewicz.com )
  20. John Willis ( contact at botchagalupe at gmail dot com ) (http://johnmwillis.com)
  21. Sean Salmon, IA, Designer, developer
  22. Drew Cummins, Flash Developer, Schematic, Inc.
  23. Elizabeth Quispe, (september1979 at gmail dot com )
  24. Oscar Trelles, (info at oscartrelles dot com), Domani Studios
  25. Micky Hingorani (mhingorani at opportunityagenda dot org)
  26. Paul Albert, (paa2013 at med dot cornell dot edu), Weill Cornell Medical Library
  27. Brian Kroski, (bkroski at observer d0t c0m), (http://www.observer.com, http://beta.politicker.com)
  28. jonathanpberger (jonathanpberger.com)
  29. Nikki Henninger ( nikki at advomatic dot com ), ( http://www.knitgeeklife.com ), Advomatic
  30. Matt Henninger ( mdhenninger at comcast dot net )
  31. caitlin quinn (caitlinquinn at graffiti dot net), Pratt SILS
  32. Matt Goins (mjgoins at the domain that is in this url: http://openflows.com)
  33. Jay Datema http://jay.datema.org
  34. Sam Tresler (sam at advomatic dot com, sam at treslerdesigns dot com), Advomatic LLC.
  35. Julio Barros (Julio @ E-String dot com) E-String
  36. Mark Reilly (mr2048 @ columbia dot edu) Columbia University (CDRS) (SUN ONLY)
  37. Wes Roepken (wes AT lipcpro.com)
  38. Dan Hakimzadeh ( http://agaricdesign.com/contact ), Agaric Design !! ATTENDING SECOND DAY ONLY (Sunday March 30th) !!
  39. Charlie Gordon ( http://cwgordon.com/contact )
  40. Darrel O'Pry ( http://www.darrelopry.com/ ), Eighty Elements Entertainment
  41. Peter Dowling (pwdowling at yahoo dot com), ( http://www.stamfordhighband.net ) ( http://www.stamfordrobotics.org )
  42. Rainer Keller (rkeller at thinkvisualdesign dot com), http://www.thinkvisualdesign.com Graphic design
  43. Amanda Hickman (amanda at gothamgazette dot see oh em) (http://www.gothamgazette.com)
  44. Amy Cham (amy at treehouseagency dot com) (http://www.treehouseagency.com), Tree House Interactive Agency
  45. Rob Safuto (rob@awakenedvoice.com) ( http://www.awakenedvoice.com ), Awakened Voice
  46. Jessa Lowell Zaazz.tv
  47. Abed Islam ( abed at fusionlab dot com ), Web... designer/coder, (Sunday only; under weather, may not be able to go)
  48. Danielle Palladino (me at daniellepalladino dot com) designer/themer/developer
  49. Lee Frankel-Goldwater (lee at greenmap dot org), Green Map System
  50. Ryan Brockington (ryan.brockington at pagesix dot com), Page Six
  51. Ray Schwartz (schwartzr2 at wpunj dot edu), William Paterson University
  52. Cat Colman (catherine.colman at gmail dot com), freeFormed
  53. Jadie Oh (jadie.oh at gmail dot com), freeFormed
  54. Jim Fleming (http://www.autonomedia.org), Autonomedia
  55. Michael McFadden (mm2594 at columbia dot edu) Columbia University (CUIT)
  56. Stephen Britton (sbritton at gmail dot com) writer/coder/dreamer
  57. Nakiso Maodza ( nakiso at mac dot com) NYU
  58. Jake Young (jyoung at columbia dot edu) Columbia University (CUIT)
  59. Robert Holmes (http://robbiethegeek.com / http://heartyhandshake.com) sidework-drupaler
  60. Gary Markowitz (gary at achieveinternet dot com), Achieve Internet
  61. Oscar G. Torres [blubee] NYU-ITP
  62. Andrew Bayroff, (andrew at thumbnailstudio dot com), (http://www.thumbnailresume.com, http://beta.nomoreaffleck.com)
  63. Pravin Sathe, (pravin at pravinsathe dot com) ITP
  64. Ram Subramanian (ramantheb at gmail dot com)
  65. KaKi Law (robot1010 at gmail dot com)
  66. Arthur Foelsche (24b6.net, CivicActions) drupal developer
  67. John Benton (john.benton at nyu dot edu)
  68. Michele Rose (Ldnallen at gmail dot com) designer/themer/developer
  69. Paul Dlug (paul dot dlug at gmail dot com), APS
  70. Ellyssa Kroski (ellyssakroski at yahoo dot com), consultant/writer/librarian
  71. Ji Y. Lee (jlee@fearlessconcepts.com), Fearless Concepts
  72. Ricardo Somarriba (ricardo@mssmtv.org) Mount Sinai Educational Technology Group
  73. Akiko Rokube (arpoohsan@gmail.com) Parsons Design and Technology (CDT)
  74. Valeria Pivovarova (pafessal@gmail.com) Parsons Design and Technology (CDT)
  75. Vineet Gupta (vineet@daylife.com) Daylife.com developer
  76. Brian Schmitz (brian at daylife dot com) Daylife.com
  77. Paul Hardwick ( macronin at gmail dot com ) ! AFTA-Cincinnati (Sunday only - Robert Chan can have Saturday )
  78. Carlos Martinez ( carlos at greenmap dot org ), Green Map System
  79. Wendy Brawer ( wendy at greenmap dot org ), Green Map System
  80. Mahdad Parsi( mahdad at ldeo dot columbia dot edu ), Research Institution
  81. Katerina Smirnova( k.a.smirnova at gmail dot com ), Graphic Designer
  82. Jesse Sanford (jessesanford at gmail dizot com), Funny Garbage
  83. Stephen Kelley (stephenkelley at gmail dizot com), Intangible Inc
  84. Dale Webb (dalewebb at gmail dizot com), Disc
  85. Matt Pinto (matt.pinto at gmail dizot com), Developer
  86. Manav Chauhan(manav81 at gmail dot com ), Java Developer
  87. Michele Cynowicz (MCynowicz at gmail dot com), designer
  88. Gabriel Cynowicz (Gabegsc at gmail dot com), Info Tech
  89. Dan Colonna (danielcolonna at gmail dot com), Developer
  90. Jay McDonald (jay (?dot!) mcdonald (?at!) hexatrope (?dot!) com), hexatrope.com
  91. Andy Lister (andrew dot lister at reuters dot com)
  92. Shirley Quintero (shirley dot quintero at uconn dot edu) UConn Libraries
  93. Matt Tarr (matt at antimattar.com ) American Museum of Natural History
  94. Matthew Polis (matthew at soundspacestudio dot com)
  95. Mei Ling Lo (meilinglo@yahoo.com) Rutgers Libraries
  96. Hannah Kane (hannah at idealist dot org), Idealist.org
  97. Arun Arunachalam (Arun at sudarsantechnologies dot com), AjaxRain.com(
  98. Evan Wheeler (ewheeler at unicef dot org) UNICEF Uniwiki Team (Sunday ONLY)
  99. Sophie Dlug (sophia at aps dot org)
  100. Susan Chun (susan at nmc dot org)
  101. Thomas J. Wysocki (thomas at treehouseagency dot com) (http://www.treehouseagency.com), Tree House Interactive Agency
  102. Marty Rynearson (marty@rynearson.net), Developer
  103. Marek Wiszenko (marek at optonline dot net) Developer
  104. Lee Vodra, Exaltation of Larks (http://exaltations.net/contact -- select "DrupalCamp")
  105. Alberto Ortiz Flores (http://purplescripts.net/), Developer
  106. Anindita Dutta Roy (http://us.iearn.org/) International Education and Resource Network (iEARN)
  107. Lisa Jobson (http://us.iearn.org/), International Education and Resource Network (iEARN)
  108. Ron Brayer (rbrayer at yahoo dot com)
  109. Joanne Pasila (joanne@civicactions.com)
  110. Philip Silva (psilva dot sbrwa at gmail dot com)
  111. Brian Puccio brian@brianpuccio.net SUNDAY ONLY Robert Chan (robert.chan at rodale dot com) (Saturday only)
  112. Michael Papile papile at aps dot org APS
  113. Ralph Warren (ralph at publicspaceforall dot com)
  114. Robert Patrick chmely@yahoo.com
  115. Larry Cerpas larry@mnn.org
  116. Drew Geraets (Sat. only) (drew.geraets@journlaism.cuny.edu) CUNY Graduate School of Journalism <--- this email address is bouncing
  117. James Richardson (Sunday only) (james at AYBS dot com) Assistant Professor LaGuardia Community College
  118. Robert Chan (robert.chan at rodale dot com) (Saturday only) (Take Hardwick's Saturday only)
  119. William Wong (wwong07 at yahoo dot com)
  120. Jean Gazis (jgazis at gmail.com) www.jeangazis.com


waiting list:


  1. Jose Parra http://www.andespeople.com Web Developer
  2. Nick P (gondark a/t sprynet d/ot co/m) - web developer
  3. Jerad Bitner (sirkitree a/t gmail do-tcom) - web developer
  4. Michael Stearne (mstearne a/t gmail do-tcom) - web developer
  5. Liz Fanning (lfanning@waterfrontalliance.org)
  6. Yumi Endo (yumiendo@gmail.com)
  7. Misato Yamada (misatoyamada.hotmail.com)
  8. James Tunick (jtunick at studioimc.com)- http://www.StudioIMC.com- (Saturday 10-1 only)
  9. Marius Schebella
  10. Charles Novick
  11. Rob Loach http://www.robloach.net
  12. Oleg Terenchuk
  13. Mike Caudy ???


Missing out list:


  1. Greg Kallenberg (gkallenberg at nypl dot org)
  2. John Wojcik (john.wojcik at sourceinterlink.com) Source Interlink Media, VP, Development ( http://surfermag.com , http://stereophile.com , etc.)
  3. Bruce Gordon (bbgdl-2005 @ yahoo.com)
  4. Alex Urevick-Ackelsberg (alex at zivtech.com ) - Zivtech/UNICEF
  5. Lani Offen (interested in newbie sessions both days) Lani at CivicActions dot com