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DrupalCampLA Sessions



TimeTrack 1 - Beginners and AdminsTrack 2 - Designers and Front End DevTrack 3 - Developers
10:00 Registration and Opening Remarks
11:00-11:45Getting Drupal Up and Running - a demo of how to get the job done. Cary Gordon Edutopia: A study in Drupal - Geoff Butterfield, lead developer for The George Lucas Educational Foundation, shares how he converted a fairly large site to Drupal and what he did (and didn't) learn along the way. Edutopia.org Basic (or Advanced) Module development. The how and why of creating your own Drupal module. Jacob Redding Notes
12:00-12:45Project Portfolio Management (PPM) - best practices of project portfolio management including using your Drupal site to better manage your projects. Laura Scroggins More Getting Drupal Up and Running - a micro-install-fest and troubleshooting discussion. Cary GordonAnatomy of a Drupal Install Profile - A Walk through the Bryght Basic Drupal Install Profile, Rolling your own and Why you would want to Roland Tanglao
1:00-2:00 Lunch
2:00-2:45Video and Drupal - Drupal distributions, modules tips, tricks and techniques to help you distribute films and video podcasts. Markus SandyPart I - Introduction to theming in Drupal...What, When and How. Covers the necessary material for Part II. Milind ParikhUberCart Ecommerce module features and development introduction. I would like to present the module as a whole with its current features and then introduce the hooks and get developers familiar with what could easily be possible by integrating with this module. Blake Lucchesi
3:15-4:00Challenges for a new Drupal developer -- Overview of common hurdles new Drupal developers encounter from the perspective of a Drupal newbie. Domenic Santangelo Part II - Advanced theming and JQuery... Making your site buzz. Milind Parikh Experience from the Upgrade Path. A discussion on the importance of the "Drupal Way" and lessons learned on the path from 4.7 to 5.1. Panel Jeff Badger (Moderator) Steve Rude & Bill O'Connor
4:15-5:00 Panel Discussion on Building Community Online - Great! You have a Drupal site up, running and ready to rock... Now what?!?! Kirk Eisele (Moderator) Shared track Theming events & calendars - A guide to events, calendars and how to theme them. Drupal & Adobe Technologies: Joining the world-popular Drupal CMS with Adobe's RIA presentation layer - the Flash Platform (Flex, AIR, Flash) Chris Charlton
5:15-6:00 Asset Manager: The why and how we ended up creating a generalized asset management project for Drupal Steve Rude & Bill O'Connor


We'll be strolling over to Islands after the last session for food, drinks. There *may* be some free pitchers involved. hint hint. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet



TimeTrack 1Track 2Track 3
10:30-11:15 Beginner's Q&A Session - Markus Sandy Lite Up Drupal with FeedBurner - Do you know who or how many people are watching your feeds? If not then FeedBurner is for you. We'll cover the Feedburner module and their various services that help you understand your subscribers. - Chris Charlton "Let's Build a Module!" Impromptu Hack session hosted by Jacob Redding.
11:30-12:15How to Build a Social Context Engine - Drupal 5.0 is a step towards this notion of a view of information coming of the WWW, or a site in particular which is tailored to your unique needs, the notion of granularity and customization of information leveraging RSS and CF (Collaborative Filtering--a recommendation engine) in the context of a community whose collective set of eyes helps sort and steer user experience. - Richard Schave Project Tools - Look inside Project Management - Laura Scroggins Module Hack Session Continued...
12:30-1:15Drupal deployment solutions: Why you need it & what's out there. Planning to cover DAST, Autopilot and Hostmaster2, best practices for development and deployment, and the future of installing Drupal - Michael Prasuhn Drupal and SEO - Tricks, tips and techniques on search engine optimization of Drupal sites. Drupal Design Showcase. A walkthrough of the best looking Drupal sites on the web and a discussion about how we can improve graphic and UI design/usability for Drupal Projects. - Crystal Williams and Matt Ronchetti from Sisu, Inc.
1:30 Closing Remarks