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discuss in Barcamp Ahmedabad

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Sun Startup Essentials


1Raxit Shethraxit@mykavita.com+91-98922 38248may be some stuff on CreativeCommons,Wordpress or ipod hacking
2 Prof. Sanjay Banerjee C.E.O.Banerjee International Management ConsultantsThe Mind frame of an Entrepreneur , What it takes to succeed as an Entrepreneur? The essentials, the dream,the strategy.
3Vikas Sabnanivikas at firstphera dot com91-98259 73729Monetizing Internet Startups
4Tapan Shah tapsboy@gmail.com +91-9327000787 Writing Facebook Applications
5Ankur Patel ankur@infotrex.com +91-9376133927 Web Security,Exploits & Remedies
6Janak Mehta Janak@PREasy.com+91-9725047051 Internet Maketing - Power of Press Releases
7Shalvi Agarwal shalvi.agarwal@gmail.com pls connect thru mail or www.shalvi.in Knowledge sharing and Mobile applications
8Bhavin Bhavsar bhavin.bhavsar@gmail.com +9198250 63664 Knowledge sharing and Internet Marketing
9Vinay Modifullname@gmail.com; where fullname=vinaymodiPls use the same emailKnowledge Representation & Reasoning and moving towards Semantic Web - Basic theory and Standards
10Sunil R Nairsunilrnairatnautankidottv; 09892573253The next internet explosion is fuelled by Entertainment
11Vikram Ghotgalkar, Jonathan D'mellovikramatpinstormdotcom, jonathanatpinstormdotcom Entrepreneurship in the workplace


List all the topics that you would like to hear in this BarCampAhmedabad


Technical Stuff


· Ajax - Web 2.0 - Rich User Interface

. Javascript Kits like Prototype, Dojo, Scriptaculous, JQuery etc

· XML, SOA & Webservices

· Agile Development

· Services on the Web and Web Services,

· Internationalization/Localization

· Mobile Computing / Mobile Technology / Handheld Device - PDA/UMPC etc

· Telecom Technology (Speech Technologies, Asterisk, VoiceXml, CCXML, SCXML, Skype, VoIP)


· Social Networking

· Future of Web / Web 3.0/ Semantic Web/ Second Life

· Google APIs, Google Checkout, Google Gears,

· Flickr API/ Facebook API

. SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server

. PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby / Ruby On Rails(ROR)/ REBOL

. Joomla, Drupal, Zencart, Oscommerce, phpBB or various other packages

. Amazon webservices and scalable storage solutions in general

. Advance Java-XML-Open Surce technolgy stuff..JSF-Spring-Hibernate-ORDBMS



Non-technical Stuff

.Is there a space in india for companies which act as private equity firm which facilitates mergers and acquistions at SME level consumating deals in the range of 5-50 crores .

· How to Avoid Nightmare/Conflict and Confusion. Good and Bad Practices in Software Industry ?

· Tell your Real-Experience on software Project Management!

· Driving project on Budget and on Time?

· Project/IT/Software Management in general

· Starting a Startup ?

· VC funding?

· How to build an ecosystem?

· Bootstrapping experiences?

· Experience of failed entreprenuers.

· Something about maintaining your balance while progressing on a startup?

. Social net works?

. Product Design and development strategies for a start-up

. Social Entrepreneurship!?

. Internet Marketing

. Networking and Founding team building

. Building product companies

. Branding in the Indian Scenario

. Branding for Start-ups