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* Date: Monday, June 18, 2007 from 7pm to 9pm

* Location: The Clock Tower Pub 575 Bank Street (downstairs)

* Format for 6 demos: 2 minute introduction, 8 minute demo, 5 minutes for Q&A and discussion


What is DemoCamp?


Six demos by members of the Ottawa high tech community. Read more about it at AboutDemoCampOttawa.


Demos - Sign-up to demo here


If you've signed up for a demo - or have demoed - please add the following to your web site or blog.



To sign up edit this wiki page adding your name, company, email and blog.


  1. Peter Childs (childs.peter @ gmail)
  2. Scott Annan, Mercury Grove
  3. Godfrey Lee (gdylee @ gmail.com)
  4. Nathan Rudyk market2world communications - home of The New Way Things Are blog
  5. Craig Fitzpatrick, Devshop.com )Uncommon Sense (for Software) (craig at devshop dot com)
  6. Monika Surma (monika.surma at gmail.com
  7. MattRoberts @ WesleyClover . com
  8. Laszlo Pandy, laszlok2 at gmail, blog
  9. Darcy Whyte darcy@Siteware.com
  10. Mark Stephenson
  11. Jason McLaren (jason at fnord dot ca)
  12. Andrew Moizer, EmbarrassmentTest.comhad a family engagement come up and can't make it. Good luck to everyone.
  13. Mitch Brisebois, SensoryMetrics
  14. CWiebe at TrackerRealm.com
  15. Feliks Welfeld Feliks_J_Welfeld aatt bigfoot ddoott com
  16. Anita Shrier (ashrier@ocri.ca) {http://www.ottawacapitalnetwork.ca/the_edge]
  17. Ian.Graham @ KlondikeConsulting . com
  18. Francis Moran inmedia.com (fmoran at inmedia.com)
  19. Dave Scollon (dscollon@ocri.ca)
  20. Glenn Campbell
  21. Adam Tait
  22. Peter Krug (peter @ peterkrug.net)
  23. Aydin Mirzaee - bOK Systems  - Who will you bOK today?
  24. Floyd Kelly (floyd.kelly @ colperf.com)
  25. Jane Porter (me@janeporter.ca)
  26. Dan Villeneuve - Northcode (Dan@Northcode.com)
  27. Jerome St-Louis (jerstlouis @ gmail.com) - ECERE Corporation 
  28. Marquis Cote (marquis at the other side .ca) - The Other Side 
  29. Don Kelly (karfai at gmail.com) - CodingDojo
  30. Scot Lemieux - Baby Gizmo™ Children Video Series
  31. Steve Fanjoy (sfanjoy at welchandco.ca) - Welch Consulting Group
  32. Sarah Roberts (sarahr@procom.ca)
  33. Shawn Simister (shawn@simister.ca)
  34. Cosmin Smeu (cosmin at cosmin.com) - cosmin.com
  35. Alain Fortier (alain.fortier@ca.fujitsu.com) - Fujitsu
  36. Emmett Hossack (ehossack@rogers.com)
  37. Shawn Woodtke (swoodtke at gmail.com)
  38. Chris Taggart (chris at christaggart.com)- CrowdSpark
  39. Ryan Lowe (blog AT ryanlowe.ca) - Ruby on Rails freelancer
  40. Rod Cater (rcater@mac.com)
  41. Scott Lake, jaded Pixel - tech.nologi.ca
  42. Martin Paquette (paquettem @ hotmail.com)
  43. Steve Fry (sdfry@ieee.org)
  44. Rowland Few (rfew at sce dot Carleton dot ca)
  45. Tim Goss - Northcode
  46. Bhupinder Singh (bsingh at levelplatforms dot com)
  47. Roy Abou Assaly (royassaly at gmail dot com)
  48. Andrew Clunis (orospakr at linux dot ca)


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