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  • Date: Monday, November 20, 2006 from 7pm to 9pm
  • Location: The ClockTower Pub 575 Bank Street (downstairs)
  • Expected Attendance: Slightly larger group than DemoCampOttawa-1
  • Format for 4 demos: 2 minute introduction, 8 minute demo, 5 minutes for Q&A and discussion


What is DemoCamp?


Four demos by members of the Ottawa high tech community. Read more about it at AboutDemoCampOttawa.



To sign up to do a demo edit this page adding your name, company, email & blog. Four spots are available + 1 optional for no-shows.



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To sign up edit this page adding your name, company, email & blog


  1. Peter Childs (childs.peter @ gmail)
  2. Erik Hagborg, Axionic (erik @ axionic.com) www.axionic.com
  3. Mark Stephenson, Axionic (mark @ axionic.com) www.axionic.com
  4. Karly Bennett, Axionic (karly@axionic.com) www.axionic.com
  5. Eric Labelle, Axionic (eric@axionic.com) www.axionic.com
  6. Craig Fitzpatrick, (craig@devshop.com) www.devshop.com www.UncommonSenseForSoftware.com
  7. Zachary Houle, (zhoule@magma.ca) Ex-journalist, writer/editor guy www.linkedin.com/in/zacharyhoule
  8. Jason Hamilton, Acart Communications (jhamilton@acart.com)
  9. Ryan Lowe (blog @ ryanlowe.ca), Ruby on Rails consultant/freelancer and blogger
  10. Ian Calder, Dollco (ianc@dollco.com)
  11. Melany Gallant (mgallant @ ramius.net)
  12. Sonny Juane (sjuane @ ramius.net)
  13. Mat Paciga (mpaciga @ ramius.net)
  14. Chris Quinlan (mquinlan @ ramius.net)
  15. Alfred Jay (aajay @ ramius.net)
  16. John Wiseman, 76design (john @ 76design.com)
  17. Steve Wallace (steve@webgauge.ca)
  18. Ian Graham (ian.graham3 @ rogers.com)
  19. Holden Karau ( holden@pigscanfly.ca )
  20. Scott Annan (scott.annan@mercurygrove.com)
  21. Jay West (creative@jaywest.com)
  22. Geoff Longman (glongman @ gmail.com)
  23. Charbel Choueiri (charbel_choueiri@albatel.ca)
  24. Andrew Clunis (orospakr@linux.ca)
  25. Shawn Hyam (shawnhyam @ gmail.com)
  26. John Duff (duff.john @ gmail.com)
  27. Mitch Brisebois (mbrisebois @ truecontext.com / sensorymetrics.com)
  28. Jobe Roberts www.sensorymetrics.com
  29. Matt Roberts, Wesley Clover
  30. Alfredo Coppol (alfredo@choicebot.com)
  31. Natasha D'Souza (photo_mountains@yahoo.com)
  32. Jamie Neilson jneilson @jamesperly.com
  33. Brett Tackaberry 76design (brett@76design.com)
  34. Glenn Campbell (glenn.campbell@magma.ca)
  35. Jeff Parks I.A. Consultants (jeff.parks@iaconsultants.ca)
  36. Jeff Reid, RealDecoy (jeff @ realdecoy.com) www.realdecoy.com
  37. Jennifer Bruce, BlogScanning, nationalcapitalscan.ca
  38. Darlene Moore DriveTraffic Search Engine Marketing
  39. Kristina Mausser, Digital Word (kristina at digitalword dot ca)
  40. Sherwin Sim, Newheights Software
  41. Jeff Bruton, (bruton.jeff at gmail.com)
  42. Matthew Russell, RealDecoy (matthew.g.russell a@t gmail.com) www.realdecoy.com
  43. Niranjan Rajaghatta, (hemanir at hotmail.com)
  44. Phil Laliberté (plaliberte @ ramius.net)
  45. Phil Dame (pdame @ ramius.net)
  46. Steve Palmer 76design (steve @ 76design.com)
  47. Chandra Sekhar (sekharc@gmail.com)
  48. Peter Bernier (peter.bernier @ gmail)
  49. Shalini Periyalwar (speriyalwar@hotmail.com)
  50. Mason Du Newheights Software
  51. Jason Staples Edigenous Technology
  52. Henry Lewkowicz (henry@contextdiscovery.com)



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