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  • Date: Monday, September 29, 2008 from 6pm to 9pm
  • Location: The Velvet Room 62 1/2 York Street
  • Format for 6 demos: 2 minute introduction, 8 minute demo, 5 minutes for Q&A and discussion


What is DemoCamp?


Six demos by members of the Ottawa high tech community. Read more about it at AboutDemoCampOttawa. wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet





Demos - Sign-up to demo here


  1. Sixent - multi-profile social networking platform for sharing your life differently online
  2. FixIt Ottawa - upcoming local problem reporting tool
  3. Thinteknix - Communication / Computing solutions for SMB
  4. GiftMyList - A private gift list exchange
  5. Chide.it - Will be showing two products: fluidSurveys.com and ReviewRoom
  6. Gazaro - Find the biggest sales!


WAITING LIST (in case of cancellations):

  • MyChoiceBot - Build interactive product reviews for any type of product for your blog, site, etc.
  • Ingres CAFÉ - Development and runtime platform in a box. Winner of LinuxWorld 2008 product excellence award.


If you've signed up for a demo - or have demoed - please add the following to your web site or blog.






To sign up edit this wiki page adding your name, company, email and blog.


  1. Phil Dame : Sixent pdame@ramius.net
  2. Alfred Jay: Sixent aajay@ramius.net
  3. Melany Gallant : Sixent mgallant@ramius.net
  4. Sonny Juane: Sixent sjuane@ramius.net
  5. Chris Taggart: CrowdSpark OpenOttawa.org
  6. Rick Holtz: Sixent rholtz@ramius.net
  7. Chris Schmitt: chrisjschmitt@hotmail.com Webskills
  8. Craig Fitzpatrick : Devshop Inc. craig@devshop.com
  9. Rob Villeneuve : 76design rob@76design.com
  10. Peter Childs
  11. Mark Stephenson: RealDecoy
  12. Ray Dickman: RealDecoy
  13. Jeff Reid: RealDecoy
  14. Loai Marashdeh: RealDecoy
  15. Aydin Mirzaee: http://www.chide.it
  16. Erik Hagborg: RealDecoy
  17. Kareem Sultan RaceDV / RealDecoy
  18. Dominic Plouffe dominic@dplouffe.ca / Gazaro
  19. James Puderer
  20. Nick Desbarats / MyChoiceBot.com
  21. Francis Moran inmedia Public Relations inmedia's technology blog
  22. Ryan Knuth 76design
  23. Luc Levesque: TravelPod
  24. Ben Maps 76design
  25. Steve Fry
  26. Andrew Ross: Ingres Canada Open Source Bootcamp
  27. Eric Lussier : TravelPod
  28. Alec Saunders: Alec Saunders .LOG email
  29. Jay West : jaywest
  30. Obaid Ahmed : Deensoft
  31. Mitch Brisebois: Sensorymetrics email
  32. Bhupinder Singh: email
  33. Phil Labonte: thefakepixel
  34. Patrick Lajeunesse : Sixent
  35. Artem Frolov: Klocwork
  36. Manu Sharma OCRI's Entrepreneurship Centre
  37. Julie Hache 76design
  38. Steve Lounsbury 76design
  39. Brett Tackaberry 76design brett@76design.com
  40. Ben Houston Exocortex Technologies, Inc.
  41. Mohammed A Islam, Carleton University.
  42. Tony Patterson
  43. Jordan Bushkovski 76design
  44. Jason Mclaren email
  45. Marquis Côté digitalOttawa
  46. Don Kelly codingdojo
  47. Luc Lalande, Carleton University
  48. Ian Graham TheCodeFactory
  49. Andree Carpentier
  50. Ryan Lowe, freelance Ruby on Rails development
  51. Roy Abou Assaly
  52. Pranav Singh
  53. Misha Nossik, SIMtone Canada
  54. Frank Hartmann
  55. Natasha D'Souza VirtualEyeSee
  56. Ian Skerrett, Eclipse Foundation
  57. Rich Loen, InGenius
  58. Michael Roberts
  59. Christopher Phelefu, Carleton University
  60. Eitan "Skrud" Levi, IBM, skrud.net
  61. Graeme Consiglio
  62. Samantha Ierfino: email
  63. Caroline Besnard: email
  64. Michael Ball, LoyaltyMatch
  65. Jennifer Buck, LoyaltyMatch
  66. Paul Legomski: Senior User Experience Designer, Corel Corporation Creative Director, Ego's Milk Incorporated
  67. Drazen Beatovic
  68. Dwayne Litzenberger, looking for work
  69. Lynnette Mclaughlin
  70. Dwain Ehler Sixent dehler@ramius.net
  71. Victor Tsang
  72. Jason Kealey LavaBlast Software
  73. Glen Sharp: Glen Sharp Blog email
  74. Kristina Mausser: Digital Word
  75. Jeff Parks: I.A. Consultants
  76. Andrew Clunis
  77. Vicki Schmitt
  78. Feliks J. Welfeld
  79. Todd Rossi: WCS email
  80. Eric des Courtis email
  81. Cathy Abrera email
  82. Mo Jangda email
  83. Mason Du email
  84. Peter Hall
  85. Jason Mclaren (jason at fnord dot ca)