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DemoCampGuelph2 Print Posters


This page is to organize the distribution of our print posters so anyone who has time to distribute isn't stepping on each other's toes.


If you're planning to drop ads at a location then please list it here. If you don't end up dropping the ads that day then please move the location back to the NEED list.


Copy of the poster

You can get color printed copies of the poster from me, Ali, my office is at the Norfolk Pharmacy in downtown Guelph, at the corner of Norfolk and Quebec. Come by during regular business hours.


A PDF version of the poster is available here.


Locations posters have already been left


Locations posters NEED to be left

  • Cornerstone i went there and brydon had already hit them up -ali
  • Bookshelf i put up one poster on each bulletin board -ali
  • Red-brick cafe
  • Williams coffee pub
  • Salsateria why not? -ali
  • Does anyone work at any tech company at Guelph? (Geosign? Atria Networks? Sentex?) Please post up a poster at a common location on on your cubicle or something and let me know. -ali