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Date Tuesday 2nd October, 2007
Time6:30pm to 8:30pm
Location University of Calgary: Scurfield Hall Room SH215 new meeting room - map
Expected AttendanceAll are welcome! & It is free to attend.


There are only two rules for presenters:

  • Rule #1: No powerpoint allowed. Why no .ppt? Well, do you have working software or don't you?
  • Rule #2: Demos are not a second over 10 minutes each. Short and sweet! And follow with Q&A for about 3-4 minutes max.

Event Report


Demo Schedule


Fred Yee fyee@activeconversion.com http://www.activeconversion.com
Patrick Lor pat-at-lor-dot-vc http://bumptop.com/
David Robert Politi david@communitycloth.com http://www.communitycloth.com



Sign up to be a volunteer and let us know how you're going to help!



Attendees List




Name Email Web
Kempton Lam kempton@ideasRevolution.com http://kempton.ideasRevolution.com
Sarah Blue sarah@cambrianhouse.com http://www.cambrianhouse.com/
Patrick Lor pat-at-lor-dot-vc http://www.lor.vc
Ian Cheung ianfcheung@gmail.com
Ryan Brooks ryan@zed23.com http://www.zed23.com/
John Bristowe john.bristowe@microsoft.com http://blogs.msdn.com/cdndevs/
Christian Idicula christian-at-idicula-dot-ca http://www.idicula.ca/
Craig Elias http://tinyurl.com/2ks92n http://ShiftSelling.com
Bhavya Rawal bhavya-dot-rawal-at-gmail-dot-com
Shekar Kadaba shekar.kadaba@whistlerfriday.com http://www.whistlerfriday.com
David Gluzman david @ r4nt.com http://www.r4nt.com
Andrew Breen breenandrew at hotmail.com http://cs-tech.com/
Sean McInnes sean dot mcinnes at gmail.com
King Chung Huangking @ mobovivo [.] com
Peter Chrapchynskichrapchp@flashsense.comhttp://www.flashsense.com
Blake McNeill mcneillb@linklogger.com http://www.LinkLogger.com
Paul Moore pgmoore@shaw.ca http://www.rdtaxservices.com
Matthew Hall matt@nowned.com http://www.kerplunc.com
David Caplan dcaplan at gmail.com http://chinacat.ca
Neal Sanche neal at nsdev.org http://www.nsdev.org