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CSSSCampSaskatoon is Friday, Feb 6, 2009.

If you don't sign-up, you cannot attend; for non-students, you must present, volunteer or sponsor to attend.


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How You Can Help




If you would like to help organize , please let us know by emailing us

  1. Ryan Lejbak, zu.com communications
  2. Ginger Koolick, EMAP U of S




  •  Set-up: put your name here (4-5 people) This involves arranging chairs in the rooms, setting up the LCD screens, getting the schedule ready, helping presenters connect their gear, etc.

    - Ryan Lejbak

    - Ginger Koolick (happy to help w/ schedule or whatever)



  •  Registration table (4-5 people): put your name here. This involves being there at 3:00 and checking people's names off the list, making sure they get their t-Shirts if they signed up online, answering any questions, taking donations, handing out name tags. You may need to return to the table during the breaks between sessions.

    - Chris de Jong, Point2

    -Michelle MacDonald


  •  Photography: 

    - Kim Schmidt (Sneaky Fox Productions/Beagle Productions)



  •  Blogging, podacsting, tweeting, etc.: put your name here (as many people as possible). blogging for your own blog and cross posting to the BarCampSaskatoon Ning site.

    - Ryan Lejbak (tweeting)

    - Ginger Koolick (blog, tweet)
  • - Tony Arkles (blog, tweet)
  • - Kim Schmidt (blog, tweet, photos)
  • - Hayley Kinash and Marilyn St Marie live blog
  • - Brian Self + Andy Taylor vlogging

  •  Networks: put your name here (2-3) people. 

    - Kevin Bryant (I will bring two wireless base stations and some cables)

    - xxxxxx



  •  Tear down: put your name here (4-5 people). Ensuring that the place looks the same at the end as it did at the beginning. 

    - Chad Nicholson

    - Blaine Korte

    - xxxxx


  •  Time keepers: put your name here (3 people). Meeting the presenter before the session and giving them a 15 minute and 5 minute warning during their session.

    - This is super easy and requires minimal effort!

    - xxxxxx



  •  Communications: (3-4 people). making any posters, signs, etc that are needed. Bringing a few markers, paper, tape, etc.

    - Natasha Hnidy

    - xxxxxx



  •  Electronics: put your name here. Bring a few power bars, extension chords, dongles, whatever.

    - Ryan Lejbak (two power bars)

    - Janice Poniatowski (extension cord & few power bars)



  •  TBD: put your name here: Well, we may have forgot something, so please be on standby!

    - Janice Poniatowski




  • Can I Help in Another Way?

    You bet. You can help by spreading the word.

    Help promote CSSSCampSaskatoonby blogging (use the tags: CSSSCampSaskatoon, CSSS, BarCamp, and BarCampSaskatoon), emailing your friends and colleagues, talking it up, etc. Let us know if you have other ideas to promote the event by updating this section of the wiki.