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What is CampKashIT200802


CampKashIT200802 is proposed to be a camp where we get together and discuss/rant/brain-storm/share opinions about technologies & trends, Mobile Internet, Hacking, Blogging, VLogs, web... everything about the Technology that interests us. As said before, "It's about geekery and having a focal point for great ideas."


Attendees are strongly encouraged to give a demo, a session, or help with one. You can help by taking notes on the wiki, blogging the event, helping to promote the event, or helping with logistics. Remember this is a community event and every body needs to do something.


Stay in touch

There is also a mailing list at http://groups.google.com/group/camp-kash-it . Join It


Feel free to edit this wiki. Click on the 'Edit' button at the top and password is 'c4mp' (without quotes)




Event details



Sunday February 24th, 2008.



Government College of Education

M.A. Road, Srinagar 190001


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No exact schedule is available nor it is needed. Remember, it is an un-conference.

Rough schedule is as follows:

Logon : 10:30 AM

Tea break : 12:00 (15 min)

Lunch break : 2:00 PM (45 min)

Tea break : 4:00 PM (15 min)

Logoff : 6:00 PM



  1. Laptop (if you have one)
  2. Memory Stick/thumb drive (if you have one: for transfering presentations, demo code, etc)
  3. Ideas and demos.
  4. If you have t-shirts, corporate pens,trial softwares, free accounts (for the cool service you just launched) etc that you want to share, this is probably a good place.



We'll do our best to provide:

  • Wiki, Wifi (NetworkConfiguration) and Power, PowerStrips
  • Lunch, Coffee/Tea, and snacks
  • Tables and chairs
  • Projector, White Boards




Where to stay?

If you are coming from outside Kashmir, there are a lot of cheap hotels to stay.

Details will be posted later.



Lead Sponsor

Co Sponsors


Cost Estimates

Rs 5000 For paying the rent of auditorium (Sponsored by Xensoft Labs)

Rs 10000 For paying the rent for projectors, speakers, microphones etc (Not needed, Already present at the venue)

Rs 200/- per person for lunch and tea/snacks etc.


If you want to be sponsors for the event please mail at mirnazim(at)gmail(dot)com


Sessions, Talks and Presentations


Proposed Sessions (add topic + your name)

  1. The Spirit of FOSS (Mir Nazim saunzal.org)
  2. Introduction to Content Management with Drupal (Mir Nazim saunzal.org)
  3. IT Scenario in India. - BASIM AMIN BAZAZ
  4. IT Career opportunities in Kashmir (Open Discussion)
  5. Piracy And Open Source- The Kashmiri Perspective - Qazi Mamoon The Times Of Kashmir


Topics I would like to hear about(add a topic you would like to hear about...)

  1. Web application development with dotNet
  2. Search Engine Optimizations
  3. IT Scenario in Kashmir





Mir Nazim Xensoft Labs saunzal.org

Ehsan Quddusi Xensoft Labs kashit.org




(We need more volunteers. Add yourself. Do Report Early)

Mir Nazim Xensoft Labs saunzal.org

Ehsan Quddusi Xensoft Labs kashit.org

Irfan Mushtaq Xensoft Labs

Basim Amin Bazaz BQE Kashmir

Asma Yasrib BQE Kashmir ZunaGash Magazine

Qazi Mamoon The Times Of Kashmir

Muneeb Shah TOK





(Put your name here if you plan to visit)

Mir Nazim Xensoft Labs saunzal.org

Basim Amin Bazaz BQE Kashmir

Shah Inam Xensoft Labs

Irfan Mushtaq Xensoft Labs

Nadeem Bahsir Xensoft Labs

Owais Mir Xensoft Labs

Bilal Bhat Xensoft Labs

Razeef Mohammad Xensoft Labs

Asma Yasrib BQE Kashmir ZunaGash Magazine

Fariya Wani BQE Kashmir

Saima Qureshi BQE Kashmir

Qazi Mamoon The Times Of Kashmir

Muneeb Shah

Raouf Athar Sanguine Infotech

Aabid Hussain Sanguine Infotech

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Misc Stuff


Task List

(please cross out when it's done)

  1. Find a Venue
  2. Find sponsors for T-Shirts, lunch etc



Badge for your site

You can promote CampKashIT by displaying a badge on your website.

To display the badge put the following code in your html template.

<a href="http://barcamp.org/CampKashIT200802"> <img src="http://barcamp.org/f/camp-kashit-badge-080224-1.gif" alt="CampKashIT 24 Feb '08" /> </a>


Tags for flickr, delicious, ma.gnolia, technorati etc.

Please use the tag campkashit and campkashit200802 for content related to this event


Who's blogging?

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