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Brainwave is a research oriented organization. We try to solve typical technical problems faced by developers, solution providers and application vendors. Our goal is to create a community of developers around our platform. We aim at


* enabling the developers with a rapid application development environment

* solving the developers’ problem pertaining to integration

* providing a multi-dimensional live data-warehouse for analytics and dashboard applications (without the need to design a data model)


Brainwave is an innovator, delivering next generation software infrastructure solutions. With its schema-less semantic database centric, rapid application development engine, Brainwave provides solutions to various enterprises across verticals. Although the basic Brainwave product can be utilized for building any web-application, specific Brainwave solutions are in the areas of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), Business Intelligence (BI) and multi-user/multi-application environments.


Solution developers are benefited by an integrated infrastructure comprising of a single schema-less database for all applications, an application server capable of deploying multiple applications, a common web-services library and AJAX enabled user-interface toolkit and API for a standardized look and feel. Deploying the server and applications is as simple as a single click. By eliminating data modeling and server management oriented tasks from the development cycle, organizations can significantly impact their time to delivery and affect the subsequent total cost of ownership of each application to users. You can Download Brainwave


Brainwave platform Architecture


The Brainwave platform consists of 6 black box components.


1. The Poseidon Database provides a repository to store, analyze and retrieve data and files.

2. The Gaea kernel run-time is a business process management and scripting engine.

3. The Iris application server provides a safe way to deploy and serve multiple applications.

4. The Aphrodite API provides a rich library of AJAX widgets for standardized look and feel.

5. The Cerberus sentinels provide security that govern resource access.- Cerberus security engine

6. The Hermes component provides web services for integration with applications not developed on the Brainwave platform.




* The Platform does not require the programmers to design data model – eliminating huge step from the software development cycle.

* Platform comes with a rich widget library and other management tools for the developers – thus the developers need not write UI code from scratch.

* Application server supports multiple applications without restart – thus develop-built-test cycle is shorter

* Applications can be scripted together according to business rules and workflow.


Please see official Brainwave site here: Brainwave Platform