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Chapter Heads

  • Blogs and Cyberlaw - Naavi
  • Blogs and PR - PRpoint Srinivasan
  • Blogs in times of Diaster - Peter Griffith & Dina Mehta
  • Blogs aiding alternate careers - Madhu Menon
  • Converting Blogs into Books (Blooks) - Satya Prabhakar
  • Blogs as collaborators (BlogSwara, BarCamp, Pedalathon) - Mukund Thennavan
  • Blogs in education - ??
  • Limited role of blogs in elections - ??
  • Difference between US and Indian blogosphere - ??
  • Blogs as a career enhancement tool - Suman
  • Blogs in Intranet - someone from Satyam
  • Spreading words via blogs: Experiences from an Ad Agency - WebChutney
  • Blogs in Journalism - Sudhish Kamat
  • Podcasting - Kamla Bhatt, Sujatha
  • Global Voices - Neha Viswanathan
  • Blogging and family life - ??
  • CEO Blogging - Gaurav Bhatnagar
  • Metroblogging - Chandrachoodan
  • Blogging in languages besides English - ??
  • Professional Blogging - Amit Agarwal
  • Live Journal Community Experiences - Kiran Jonnalagadha
  • The future evolution of blogging - ??



Broad Guidelines for Chapter heads.


  • The chapter is like writing a mini book. It needs ideas and opinions from many folks. The more the ideas, the richer is the chapter.

Encourage folks to voice in their experiences.

  • If at some point, you find the task a bit overwhelming, please feel free to pass the baton to another person. A chapter head's task is like that of the captain of the Indian cricket team. In addition to playing, you need to rally the team together.
  • Total number of pages for a chapter - There is no predefined length. It can be from 10 pages to 20 pages. Even more if you need it to be.
  • Feel free to include screenshots to illustrate your points.
  • Stick as far as possible to Indian experiences. You may draw parallel to experiences from other countries.
  • Each chapter head must have atleast one person to help proof read the chapter.
  • Maybe group chapters into sections, so bigger themes may be brought out and duplication of ideas avoided or emphasized.


Advisory Board

Add in an experienced professional from the book publishing industry.

CEO of a very big company

Please recommend names you would think would bring in guidance and leadership to the team.




  • Printing
  • Illustrations
  • Book Cover



People needed for the project

  • Editors
  • Proof Readers
  • Illustrators / Cartoonists
  • Book Cover Designers
  • Publicity managers (PR)
  • Schedule Coordinators


Book Title Options

  • INDIA BLOGS : Complilations of Real Life Experience of Indian Bloggers
  • BLOGGING : Experiences from the Indian Blogosphere
  • CURRYSPHERE : When Indian culture moves online...


What's the best collaborative tool?

Which is the best place for all authors to collaborate and put in their writing? It has to be a wiki model where people can add in their input and be able to edit and add value to other chapters. It has to be truly collaborative. What would be your recommendations?

  • Writely (currently, they have closed new registrations. Will soon open after migrating their systems with Google)
  • Writeboard - A tool for collaborative writing from 37 signals



Q. Is your view of this book strictly Indian? What about Indians in diaspora? Or Indians in non-geographic places like MySpace? - Phil Wolff