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BarCampVancouver Registry


The Details



Tech creatives: Local technologists, geeks, innovators, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, tech writers, tech managers, and hangers-on. We can only accept ninety people, so register early.



A 24-hour ad-hoc, all-play unconference where everyone who attends participates by presenting or helping out.



Bryght Offices, 1 Alexander St. (suite TBD); Gastown, Vancouver: Map



Friday, August 25, 6:00pm to Saturday, August 26, 6:00pm



Because it'll be a fun party and totally informative, all at the same time. Here's the full rundown:




How to Register


Simply edit this page and add your version of the following information:

  • Name
  • email address
  • website
  • session(s) you'd like to present - you can do a 5 minute lightning talk, a presentation or anything in between or even make something like hardware or software! Sessions that are discussions or even questions are encouraged.


Feel free to also set up a personal page or topic page on this wiki and link your information to it.


Please Note: BarCampVancouver registration is first-come, first-served, and we have a limit of 80 participants. We'll edit this page occasionally as names are added to update the count of spots remaining.





Add your details here.


  1. James Sherrett - james@iworkindustries.com - www.iworkindustries.com - AdHack: a do-it-yourself (DIY) advertising community.
  2. Nathaniel Brown - nshb@inimit.com - www.inimit.com - Getting Started with Ruby on Rails
  3. Roland Tanglao - roland AT rolandtanglao.com my blog - ShoZu and mobile phone photo and video sharing
  4. Darren Barefoot - darrren AT darrenbarefoot DOT com - www.darrenbarefoot.com - Changing the World in 30 Minutes