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Looking For BarCampUNC 2011?

  Then go here:  http://barcamp.org/BarCampUNC2011




June 18, 2010 - UNC Beard/Kerr Hall, Chapel Hill, NC.


BarCampUNC 2010 will be the first barcamp at the University of North Carolina.  Thank you to the organizers, volunteers, sponsor and donors who continue to make BarCampUNC a great success.

Keep up with the latest BarCampUNC news on our blog: http://barcampunc.wordpress.com

Follow on Twitter: @barcampunc

Like on Facebook: barcampunc


Registration 2010 - Closed


When: 8am to 12pm, Friday June 18, 2010

Where: UNC Eshelman School of Pharmacy, Beard/Kerr Halls


What is BarCamp?  Read this First!


The name "BarCamp" is a playful allusion to the event's origins, with reference to the hacker slang term, foobar: BarCamp arose as a spin-off of Foo Camp, an annual invitation-only participant driven conference hosted by open source publishing luminary Tim O'Reilly.

BarCampUNC is an unconference where people interested in a wide range of technologies come together to teach and learn. Unfamiliar with the unconference format? Here's the idea in a nutshell. Rather than having scheduled speakers, everyone pitches sessions the morning of the BarCampUNC. Those sessions are put on a schedule, and lots of little groups form for intense group learning. Everyone is expected to teach, to talk, to participate. Yeah, its different from a regular conference - but it works!

The idea of an unconference came together when people realized the best times they were having at conferences were the times between sessions - where people with like interests could meet ad hoc. The goal of BarCampUNC is to facilitate this type of interaction for half a day. We supply the food, the space, the projectors - you show up to teach and learn.


Session Schedule

  • 8am registration, caffeine, and sugar
  • 8:15am - 8:55 am session pitches socializing and assigning rooms
  • 9am - 9:45am - 1st sessions
  • 10am - 10:45am - 2nd sessions (load up on more caffeine and sugar!)
  • 11am - 11:45am - 3rd sessions
  • Lunch (fend for yourself) - several groups of folks are headed to Franklin...while others are headed to their desks.


A BarCamp is an ad-hoc unconference. Here's how sessions are run at a BarCamp 

  1. People suggest sessions on the Wiki
  2. People claim sessions as leaders on the Wiki
  3. A time slot schedule will be drawn up based on the number of sessions suggested and claimed on the Wiki

The morning of BarCampUNC, session organizers will present an abstract of their sessions. Organizers will then arrange sessions on the time schedule, so the schedule will be created on the morning of.

Everyone is welcome to present, regardless of whether you've claimed a session or it is on the wiki. However it's helpful to claim sessions on the Wiki, so we can get an idea of how many sessions to prepare for, how many projectors we need, and so forth.

You can expect sessions to be small, many times with 5-10 people. That's OK. The point is meaningful interaction, not lectures. Everyone is welcome to present, and the more people presenting, the more successful BarCampUNC will be!


Proposed Sessions

  • Using Django to quickly develop web applications
  • Brainstorming better ways to info-share across campus to interested parties
  • iRODS data grid, java development for iRODS, archival apps
  • mobile computing, security - open to everything that might be discussed
  • Interactive Video On Demand 
  • scholarly communication; campus intellectual environment 
  • Plone as campus wide CMS
  • IPv6
  • Open source
  • alt JVM langs talk
  • Domain Specific Languages 
  • classroom capture: how it will make us into rockstars
  • Social network/collaboration site for all UNC IT staff
  • UNC Connect
  • health informatics
  • Learning on the Go: Mobility in the Curriculum
  • bughouse and other games
  • Making Sense Out of a Data Dump: How do we quickly assess an arbitrary tree of files?
  • Using VMs to develop on your Mac
  • UNC Mobile - the next generation
  • Collaborative data curation 
  • What's new in the just-released WordPress 3.0
  • (your idea here...)


Topics I would like to hear about

  • understanding email headers, what does all that gibberish mean?
  • digital records retention...how long do we need to keep 'em...when do we trash 'em
  • fun things you can do with Peoplesoft ...and why we need it so badly
  • how to build a 50 TB storage array for $500!
  • html5 roundtable - what do we need to know today to prepare for tomorrow?   
  • expertise location: finding the right people who know things 
  • Encrypted Filesystems...is my data really safe?



  • Casey Emerson
  • Greg Jansen



  • add yourself...


Participants (aka Campers)


Task List

(please -cross out- when it's done)


  • Projector, White Boards
  • Wireless: (we will use campus wireless, UNC-1)
  • Photo
  • Streaming or Adobe Connect, Ustream, or Skype



  • Snacks
  • Caffeine and sugar
  • Tables and chairs


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