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If you want to participate or help organize, add your name to this list or contact JP Dubois barcamptulsa@gmail.com

  1. JP Dubois - barcamptulsa@gmail.com (Tulsa, OK)
  2. Parker Fleming - parker.fleming@gmail.com (Tulsa, OK)
  3. Gerald Buckley - gerald@grocio.com (Tulsa, OK)
  4. Shawn Gotcher - shawngotcher@uticapoint.com (Tulsa, OK)
  5. Michael Galloway - michael.galloway@gmail.com (Tulsa, OK)
  6. Matt Reiswig - matthewreiswig@yahoo.com (Jenks, OK)
  7. Mick Casper - mickcasper@gmail.com (Tulsa, OK)
  8. Chris Koenig - chris.koenig@microsoft.com (Frisco, TX)
  9. David Walker - david@davidlwalker.com (Tulsa, OK)
  10. Caleb Jenkins - blogger@calebjenkins.com (Dallas, TX - depending on the date) Developing UX
  11. Jonny Dover - jonny.dover@gmail.com (Little Rock, AR)
  12. Dylan Wilbanks - wnalyd@gmail.com (Seattle, WA) (may come depending on date)
  13. James Stansell - jstansel+bc@gmail.com (Tulsa, OK)
  14. Anthony Towry - anthonytowry@gmail.com (Oklahoma City, OK)
  15. Joseph Holsten - joseph@josephholsten.com (Tulsa, OK)
  16. giovanni gallucci - @giovanni/viewzi


If you'd like to see an open mailing list so the community can participate in organizing what is typically an open event, also add your name below.

  1. Joseph Holsten - joseph@josephholsten.com (Tulsa, OK)




As you may notice by following the link above, we don't have any idea where to have barcamp tulsa. Got an idea? Add it below.



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