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BarCampTdot Sponsors



Be an individual sponsor: donate cash as an individual to the Eats for Geeks fundraiser at fundable.org to show your support!


Many thanks to all of our wonderful sponsors, without whom these events would be much, much harder to hold. BarCampTdot 2.0 has been proudly sponsored by (in alphabetical order, well mostly alphabetical order too much work):


Fresh Books
Hyndman / Law
idée inc.
Liberty Market Building
Mozilla Foundation
Nuvvo eLearning
Stuart MacDonald
Helix Commerce
Great Lakes Brewery
Wireless Toronto
Art Gallery of Ontario


In addition, the "Eats for Geeks" fundraiser at fundable.org was a success - 7 individuals have raised $110 for pizza - enjoy! Thanks to Mark, Patrick, Jay, Jevon, Milan, Rohan, Deb.


What is BarCampTdot?

BarCamp is a community event - an unconference - originally held in response to the O'Reilly FooCamp event as an Open environment for like-minded technology enthusiasts to meet and discuss their latest projects. BarCampTdot is the Toronto version, now on our sixth event including the original BarCampTdot in November 2005 and five monthly DemoCamp events. The BarCamp movement has grown worldwide and has recently featured events in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Washington, Vancouver, and NYC. For more information about BarCamp, please see http://barcamp.org/ or http://barcamp.org/TorCamp.


Why sponsor BarCampTdot?

The community is the framework - everything we do grows from there. Sponsorship is only open to companies and individuals who are active community members - all of the BarCamp sponsors must attend the event that they support and are encouraged to become regular attendees at all TorCamp events.



What do I get for my sponsorship?

  • Recognition on the BarCampTdot wiki (on this very page!)
  • Acknowledgment from the BarCampTdot organizers at the beginning and ending of the unconference.
  • We are also looking at including sponsor logos on the back of BarCamp t-shirts.



What is the sponsorship amount?

We are requesting $250 from each sponsor. Although we appreciate generous offers to provide additional funds, we have chosen to set a limit for all sponsors. A fixed, equal sponsorship allows all of the companies in Toronto's developing tech ecosystem to have an equal opportunity to participate in BarCamp. We welcome all of our sponsors to consider making a regular commitment over the life of the BarCampTdot (and all of our events) rather than one large show of your support.



Can I specifically sponsor one thing?

We are looking for sponsorships towards furniture rental, cleaning supplies, food, beverages and t-shirts. We will make every effort to accommodate special requests, so if you would like your sponsorship dollars to be spent in a particular way, please let us know (while beer and t-shirts are sexy we do need other supplies to facilitate the conference, so someone has to pay for the furniture rentals). That said, please remember that the focus of all of our efforts is on building the community and so we are unable to accept any sponsorship offers that have strings attached - we're looking for individuals and companies who are excited to help our community grow and trust in the community to be able to govern itself.



How will the money be spent?

We will document every purchase and receipt on the BarCamp wiki. This will ensure openness and accountability for each expenditure. Current details and planning efforts are available online at http://barcamp.org/BarCampTdotPlanning


We are expecting approximately 100 - 150 campers. We need to rent 150 chairs and tables. Approximately 4 meals (Sat. lunch; Sat dinner; Sun breakfast; Sun. lunch). Beverages include coffee (Sunday morning), pop, water, beer, etc. T-shirts from Artik are approximate $14.85/t-shirt including 2 colour printing, silkscreen setup, and 100% cotton Fruit-of-the-Loom shirts.



How do I get the sponsorship monies to BarCampTdot organizers?

We have set up a PayPal account to accept sponsorship. We are also happy to pick up your sponsorship in cash (small, unmarked, non-sequential bills preferably) or a cheque (made out to David Crow; as an unorganization we can't get a bank account).



Need more info?

Please contact DavidCrow or JayGoldman if you have any specific questions.