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Page history last edited by Jodie Miners 11 years, 2 months ago
Welcome to the Registration page for BarCampSydney5. To find out more about the event please visit BarCampSydney or www.barcampsydney.org or follow us at @barcampsydney
**Sponsorship info deleted after the event ***
When: Saturday, June 27th, 2009
Time: 9-5 and then drinks (I think?)
Where: Australian Technology Park, Sydney Map

Step 1

Please Sponsor BarCampSydney5

Being the BarCamp Recession Edition - "The BarCamp we had to have". We are asking for a very small sponsorship amount from each attendee to cover costs such as T-Shirts, food and drinks. The more sponsorship we get, the more we can provide to help make the event a great success. 


There will be a T-Shirt for the first 50 people that sponsor and turn up on the day to collect it. 

As a sponsor, your name will be listed on this website to say thanks for contributing to the success of BarCampSydney!

Step 2

Register to attend BarCamp

** Registration info deleted after the event **

Step 3

Send a tweet to say you have registered

** Tweet info deleted after the event **


Step 4

See who else has registered

** People who registered deleted after the event - see comment below **