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BarCamp Second Life


A few of us are organizing Barcamp Virtual --- and we're ready to go! It's hosted at the Waterfall Salons @ the Hipcast Expo. Accomodations are provided for audio and video (four streams) and plenty of space. IM Spin Martin or Hal9k Andalso in Second Life for information, and see you on Wednesday!




At Waterfall Salons @ the Hipcast Expo






May 17, 2006 6-8 PM/SLT






Who's writing about this?



next second-life BarCamp

MattisManzel: I'd be interested in repeating a second life bar-camp. Probably second life bar-camps could even establish on Sundays, once every month or every fortnight?


I'm thinking about second life not necessarily as the only and not even as the major tool. I've been running weekly real-time online sessions using collab-editor software - so called tings - since almost two years now. Collab-editor = five participants means five cursors on the document, everybody can write everywhere, each has a different background color so you can tell who wrote or corrected what, all see all changes in real-time. We have a web-preview that updates every 60 seconds for such tings. Experimenting with voice-tings, = collab-editor + VoIP, has been promising. Maybe second life is the magnet to pull people together, to make them meet in a virtual place and see each others avatars and the actual discussions and workshops and such runs in collab-editor with the results getting immediately exported to wiki? It shouldn't be too hard to knit these tighter into each other, I guess. See ting-camp-wiki which has a calendar to appoint for tings and the ting-wiki where we archive and rework past tings. Thanks.


TonZijlstra: Hi Mattis, I would enjoy a round of Barcamp in SL. So take this as three cheers for the idea. Let me know if I can help (although busy as always) setting it up. I would be eager to talk about my experiences as a consultant on dealing with information overload and how new web apps help deal with that. And how that creates new sets of design questions and criteria for (mobile) social software. My SL name is Ton Zeami. See you in world.


MattisManzel: Hi Ton. I sent you a message in SL and I joined the group BarCamp, it has some members. I'm not too experienced in SL actually. Did't find any calendar for appointing that this group runs - I guess that would be the essential thing, or say every week on a time on sundays or so. Feel free to teleport me to whatever barcamp. I'm Mattis Voltaire in SL.


... hm. People can collaboratively write in Gobby. The Gobby page contents is exported to a web preview updating every minute (after the ting it gets exporterted to wiki so everybody can edit it). Imagine a place with a big screen in second life where people (avatars) meet to ting. Their avatars stand motionless in front of the screen and on the screen you see what they are just typing in Gobby. Just for the beginning, I mean.


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