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This page is a reference for our sponsors, and potential sponsors .

BarCampRDU is financially transparent.

Final Budget





Lulu - ~950 on a credit card directly to Tylers

Blogads - 200 by check directly to Tylers

CED - 300 by check directly to Tylers



6th Sense Analytics - 1192.07 on check directly to The Merch



rPath - 854 on check directly to Neomonde, 46 to cash

Aurora funds - 1100 to cash


Cash Budget - 1146

70 to Scott M for Badges and Ice

120 to Terrell for Banner

40 to Michael Habib for emergency coffee run (day of)

441.55 to Sam's Club (bulk supplies)

31.26 to Target (small supplies)

428 to Bagels on the Hill (breakfast)

Total 1130.81.


1146-1130.81 = 15.19 (I have 15.20 in the envelope! We came out ahead!).


As we think about how to do this better, we might want to think of what supplies we used/didn't use,




Here's what our sponsors get


  • You'll be listed as a sponsor on the website
  • You'll get a blog announcement and be included in all sponsor announcements
  • You'll be thanked numerous times at the conference in front of everyone
  • A professional poster with logos will be created and displayed at the conference
  • Your logo will be displayed on the t-shirts.
  • You'll get 5 guaranteed invites to the conference that you can distribute to whoever you'd like (the conference is full at present).


Our Sponsor Needs


We've currently fulfilled our sponsor needs for BarCampRDU. This means we've secured sponsorship for all of our day-of costs, as well as for the pre-event. Orgininally, I had thought about doing a post-event dinner, but now I think that might just be too much work. If somone feels strongly otherwise, please let me know.


Confirmed Sponsors


BarCampRDU pre-event sponsors:


BarCampRDU day-of sponsors:


Pre Event


We will be holding a pre-event at Tylers in Durham (American Tobacco Campus), 7-9PM

on the night of Friday, July 21. We'll order appetizers and give out drink tickets. The event will be limited to 100 people + sponsors. Like BarCampRDU, this event is free - at least until the drink tickets run out ;)


  • Fred is going to Tylers on Wed, June 28 to sign and confirm the event.


  • Fred has booked the event. We're on for July 21, 7-9PM at the American Tobacco Campus.


  • Fred will contact Lulu, Blogads and CEDNC and ensure that they can cut checks directly to Tylers.




Logos Needed From:


  • Lulu
  • 6th Sense
  • rPath
  • Aurora
  • Blogads
  • Redhat


  • The T-shirts will be a dark khaki, have a tri-color front, and sponsor logos will be single color on the back. Sizes: 25 small, 35 medium, 45 large, 70 XL and 10 XXL. The Merch of Chapel Hill will print them with a guaranteed pick-up date of July 21.


  • 6th Sense is cutting a check directly to the vendor (The Merch) for T-shirts.


  • Fred will visit the vendor and make sure the colors are good.


  • Terrell will coordinate with Kelly to make sure we get the designs in to the T-shirt vendor by the appropriate date (July 5).