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Fan Page of BarCampParis7 enthusiasts !



LouisMontagne is currently the BarCampParis7 canonical rep. This page could list suggestions to help Louis to organize BarCampParis7's MashPit.



Please see blah below to visualize Louis' fan club and suggestions



Registration is on BarCampParis7.


Mathieu I signed-up for you as number 52. -- FredericBaud



When adding/changing this page, put 2 exclamation points "!!" before titles, and a space " " before descriptions.



Early stages Blah (before BarCampParis7 day & venue announcement)


Who have somme news of this BarCampParis? i'm surprised and i can't help if i want? It's not very good for the spirit of BarCamp. I am wrong? -- MathieuCoste


Hi Mathieu, yes I think you're wrong... The spirit is here. A wiki is not a blog, we have time. In french Pinko-jargon, it's an old school classical strategy, a sort of "marketing du manque" but I don't think it's the case here. Suggestion : how about connecting a BarCampZurich and an improvised BarCampParis7 meeting in SiliconValois via BarCampBankFlashMeeting2. Anybody could organize here a BarCampParis7. So just do it : take the place and drop some MicroFormats if you're ready. For the moment we haven't any attendees in BarCampBankFlashMeeting project. Think we'll have to wait after LaToussaint holidays to have some passionate bankers... -- ChristopheDucamp wino kredyt mieszkaniowy sprzedam mieszkanie sprzedam bilet


Hi Mathieu and Christophe, information about the next barcamp we (SiliconSentier) are organizing will soon be online. I'm sorry about the delay, I've been quite busy checking some details, and I thank you both for your .. eagerness :) Please note that this will be a regular BarCamp and not a BarCampBank. If you want to help, just call/skype me.

BarCamp rules ! -- LouisMontagne


Hi Louis, I sympathize with you for the workload involved in setting up a BarCampParis7 and I would like to thank you for your action. I think that having a BarCampBank2 or BarCampBankX during BarCampParis7 should prove benefitial to everyone. It requires of course some synchronization so that people interested in different aspects can profit by all the energy that will be gathered in, but this could lead to an interesting mashing-up of subjects. Christophe will be able to give us more details on how he sees the intermixing of barcamps working after attending BarCampZurich. -- FredericBaud


Hey Frederic, I totally agree with you, BarCampBank is totally on topic, I just wanted to make sure that there will be other subjects ;) Hope to see you on BarCampParis7 -- LouisMontagne



Hi Frederic I have absolutely no details about the intermixing of barcamps ! Just shared some very nice moments in Zurich with AlexSchroeder, PhilippeSchoen, GregoireJapiot and other computer-scientists guys. Alex talked us about multilingual issues in wikis and many other interesting things about OddWiki localization. Let's say I'd just be happy to suggest a WikiNet workshop during this first french MashPit. The idea could be (if it's on-topic ?) to study how we could find out mutual inspiration for a future wikinet-barcampbank-farm-mashup. BarCampBankMissionStatement should include some real costs in real money about our communication costs. I could be offline this week (planning some holidays) but very enthusiast to attend BarCampParis7 as a non lurker. Louis, do you think BarCampBank's members presence is on topic ? -- ChristopheDucamp


Hi. Christophe, wikinet-barcampbank-farm-mashup is a superb idea for the mashpit. Just go ahead and register yourself for the mashpit! Regarding BarCampBank, this project emerged from BarCamp, I think its' an amazing project. Thus is BarCampBank's members presence on topic, as "regular" (are there regular ?) barcampers working on BarCampBank project. You are very close to organizing BarCampBankParis1.. I'll be happy to cooperate on that. -- LouisMontagne



Great Louis. Good news, very enthusiast about imagining boosting our communication tools, I've dropped several projects (BarCampBank wikinet tools, Pinko localization and wikinet farms) on your MashPit. Still not sure to be able to convince enough bankers to join us. We've talked also with PhilippeSchoen during BarCampZurich of the opportunities to detach camps from localizations. Maybe it's off topic but imho any industries/services specialized branches require also the best communication tools to cooperate on an international basis. That's why I'm still convinced that WikiNet is (in the wikinow) the best tool to build communities but they still need to be optimized and teached for the newcomers. I'd love to exchange with you some words (back from holiday on 6th november) on the WikiOhana project. Et encore bravo à vous tous pour organiser cette rencontre ! -- ChristopheDucamp


Interim Blah (after BarCampParis7 announcement and while we see a huge attendance growing)


Hi guys. Some cools friends overseas (or living outside Paris) could not attend the BarCampParis7. They ask if a video flashmeeting facility is planned during BarCampParis7? -- JeanChristopheCapelli


Right, I think it would be cool to have a way to associate remote people to the event. This could be in the form of broadcasting of live images - like a WebTV - with remote people intervening through emails or chat if we have an IRC channel. Or in a more interactive form like flashmeetings. I would lean more to the former solution than the latter since I don't believe we can maintain on a par interactions through webcams and reactions from the (huge) crowd that will be gathered at the premises. Of course, it would make sense that Google distributes the video through YouTube to let people feel later on what the BarCampParis7 was like. -- FredericBaud


It seems that 33 hours after the announcement of the date and the venue, there are 113 barcampers on the attendees list! What a success! Should we make a kind of waiting list as for BzaarCamp ? Or at least insert a message after the "#100 or so" with something like for BarCampMontreal : "(BarCampParis) is FULL!!! (BarCampParis) est COMPLET!!! As some people might not show up, you might take a chance and come by saturday morning between 9h and 9h30 knowing that we might refuse you if we are at max capacity."? It's written on the wiki that the limit is 100, but people could neglect to read this message and waste their time with coming and seeing that it's full. -- GregoireJapiot



I just put a reminder on number 115 (there has been some mangling with lower numbers) stating that there may be limitations. Just a safeguard so that people do not get too upset if something drastic has to be decided. Louis, what are your thoughts? -- FredericBaud


Hi guys, first, we have to be 100max inside, so I think people can still attend and we can let the list grow to 150. (some people are just coming for 1 or 2 hours...) We can also split the Sunday (12) between mashpit and barcamp. First we need more people to come to the mashpit. So I'm changing your reminder a bit Frederic -- LouisMontagne


You're right that overbooking due to no-shows or partial-shows (something not happening with plane-overbooking) allows to have a list bigger than what we have now (118). 150 seems like a fine target. Anyhow, it should be good to have a maximum of people listed and act accordingly. The idea of videoconferencing could be a second-best in case of capacity problems. -- FredericBaud


a) Hi Frederic, the experience told us that Video-conference don't work during a BarCamp due to the lack of Paralanguage and the nature of rich connexions established in real life. So you could try Fred... let's say I think it could be an idea to plan it later in the week with a small group (workshop rep pehraps could give a brief videoresume and talk with non attendants)

b) @Louis, don't panic about the option I dropped on 29 bis fo EveMoreau. I just heard yesterday Tariq and other guys could be missing. I'm just Eve's boyfriend currently trying help Eve for a PinkoMarketing prospection in real life. I'd like to help her via collaborative criticism on a pinkomarketing workshop. So consider that as just an experience to invite people to drop option on the list ? Delete it and refactor if Tariq could join us and/or if you don't agree such a suggestion. -- ChristopheDucamp


Hi Christophe, I agree that Video-conferencing in the sense of interactive conferencing is probably not adapted. I'm thinking that something along the lines of a WebTV show with questions sent by IRC or emails could work. But unless someone at Google has something ready at hands, we can not expect having a working solution in time. We do potentially have a BarCampBankFlashMeeting3 next week where we could give a summary to overseas barcampbankers. -- FredericBaud


After Blah (after BarCampParis7 took place on Sat Nov 11 & Sun Nov 12 2006)


That was really a great BarCamp. Thank you to the team of SiliconSentier for their energy in organizing this and to Google for hosting (and all the great logistics). I hope we will have soon another opportunity to meet and I'm very excited by your new CoWorking Paris project. -- FredericBaud


Simply wonderful. It was my first BarCamp and it was *great*! Thank you to the organizing and hosting teams for such a wonderful BarCamp! I am eagerly waiting for the next one... And the previous comment about CoWorkingParis makes me even more excited! Fabio Mancinelli


Stephane and Louis, thanks for the tshirts :) Hannah and Meyer will maybe be the first BarCampJunior organizers soon, who knows? Hope I we get in touch on BarCampParis8. -- Davewave