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Page history last edited by Peter Chislett 11 years, 6 months ago

Why Sponsor BarCampNYC4?

The New York Tech Community has grown and solidified rapidly in the past few years, but we need to continue to support that growth. Networking events are wonderful, but since they're often short evening events, it can be hard to really get to know people or learn in that environment.

BarCampNYC gets people together for two full days to share knowledge, network, and collaborate. Since attendees are strongly encouraged to present, the sessions are often unique and deeply technical. It's a different environment from any meetup or expo, as the great majority of attendees are there because they're truly passionate about technology, learning, and sharing what they know.

Because BarCampNYC is a free event for participants, we need the help of local NYC technology companies to make this it happen.

By sponsoring BarCampNYC, you'll be helping to foster the NYC tech community, but if you're accustomed to working with traditional conferences or expos, there's a few things you should know. 

  • We're going to cap sponsorship again this year. For BarCampNYC3 the largest contribution accepted was $500.  By keeping the sponsorship playing field open and accessible, it ensures that smaller companies can show their support.
  • Sponsors will be given love - we will thank you individually at the event, here on the wiki, and your logo will appear on the wall near the schedule (the main hub of activity at BarCamp), but will not be the main focus of the event.
  • That said, sponsors are strongly encouraged to participate in the event.  Sponsoring means exposing your company to a community of devoted and active technologists. The best way to get to know us is to come and meet people at the event. As a participant, you're strongly encouraged to give a meaningful, informative talk or discussion (no pitches, please!).  Several sponsors have made great use of this opportunity, and have had great conversations with the people they're trying to reach.
  • Schwag, giveaways, and prizes are welcome. We're planning on holding several events Sunday to help entice participants to return for the second day. Feel free to contact the organizers if you've got something you'd like to give away so we can coordinate.
  • Since donations are being made through our friends at Not an Alternative, a registered 501(c)3, your donations will be tax deductible!

Early sponsors are crucial as we will have up-front costs for things like paper, markers, powerstrips, etc.  When you sponsor, we'll get your logo up on the site asap, so the sooner you sponsor, the more exposure you get.

Donate a minimum of $500 here!

Direct link: here

Donate any amount (no more than $500 please) here!

Direct Link: here

Send all inquires to: info@barcampnyc.org