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BarCampNYC4 ITP Tour Notes

Page history last edited by Peter Chislett 11 years, 4 months ago


Great tour of ITP. It really is an ideal BarCamp space and I'm really excited now for what is going to be a legendary event.

1. There are three large public areas:
--- Entrance area by elevators (ideal for tee shirt/badge distribution)
--- Extra-large central area (ideal for announcements and schedule wall)
--- Back area (may not be accessible to us, but perhaps can be a lounge / stuff storage area
2. There are seven rooms, six of which already have room numbers:
--- Almost all of them have whiteboards
--- Almost all of them have projectors
--- One of the seven rooms may not be available to us or might be better used as a blog lounge than a panel room
--- In that case, we can make use of the back room or strategically use rolling chalkboards to improvise a room inside the large middle space.
--- Either way, we will definitely have seven rooms.
--- Each room can hold at least 20 people, and one can hold about 50.
3. Other bonus stuff:
--- The 50 person room (Room 447) also has multiple cameras set up for streaming. George will check to see if we can take advantage of that.
--- The first hallway between the entrance space and the main middle space is lined with giant screens and keyboards. This is awesome. We can use this for:
----- Live slideshow of photos tagged with #barcampnyc4
----- Live tweet stream
----- Live view of the signup board (either by webcam or transcribed onto the wiki)
----- Anything else! We have lots of screens!
--- They can provide a mini-PA system which will be useful for the welcome speech and intermediary announcements.
--- They will work on getting us a secure spot to leave our stuff. There are various offices and back rooms we might be able to make use of.
--- There is a bad ass equipment closet with wires and cables for the students. As long as we can get one of the ITP students to sign stuff out for us, we can make use of this. This will save us a lot of headaches when we realize we're short on power strips and stuff like that (PS, we should start thinking about hardware and supplies and who will supply what).