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BarCampMumbai|University Level



Date: 16th FEB, 2008

Venue: K. J. Somaiya Engineering College, Vidyavihar (E), Mumbai - 77

Time: 1100 hrs IST (11:00 am)


BarCampMumbaiUni4 follows BarCampMumbai, BarCampPune, BarCampHyderabad etc. at a time when barCamp's are being held all over India, and all over the world. To find where else Barcamp is held, go to www.barcamp.org.




its rightly said

when you come, be prepared to share with barcampers

when you leave, be prepared to share it with the world...

no spectators, only participants...

What is BarCamp?

for the newbies...if you have attended BarCamp earlier then skip this part!

from barcamp.org:


BarCamp is an ad hoc un-conference born from the desire for people to share and learn in an open environment. It is an intense event with discussions, demos, and interaction from attendees.

It is an interactive platform where all participants present, share, speak-up or at least be active listeners.

BarCamp on Wikipedia


BarCampMumbai|University is all this at a university level:

• Get in contact with students that share your interests.

• Get in touch with industry professionals.

• Network with people who in 3-5 years will be your colleagues.

While BarCampMU is mainly intended as a student event, professionals are more than welcome and in fact, invited to come and share their knowledge, help the student community.

BarCampMumbaiUniversityLevel (BarCampMumbaiUni4) is proposed to be a camp where we get together and discuss/rant/brain-storm/share opinions about about Web technologies & trends, Mobile Internet, Hacking, Blogging, VLogs ... everything about the Technology that interests us. As said before, "It's about geekery and having a focal point for great ideas."


Attendees are strongly encouraged to give a demo, a session, or help with one. You can help by taking notes on the wiki, blogging the event, helping to promote the event, or helping with logistics


To Register Yourself

1. Click on “Edit Page” button below the header

2. Enter the password ‘c4mp’ (It is also mentioned on the login page itself.)

3. Click on Login Button. The Editing page should open.

4. On the editing page, scroll down to where it says:

Campers (add your name/email if you're coming)

5. In the list, add a line with the following syntax:# () -

eg # Homer Simpson(homer AT doh DOT com)– I’ll be late

6. If you blogged about BarCamp, list it under ‘bloggers’.

7. If you are holding a session, list it under ‘sessions’.

8. Click on ‘Save’ button.

9. And You’re Done!!




11.00 AM | Sunday, 16th February, 2008

Detailed schedule of events on the day coming up soon..



2nd Floor/Ground Floor

K. J. Somaiya College of Engineering,


Mumbai - 400077


View WikiMap

How to get there:


By Train:

Get down at Vidyavihar Station (between Kurla and Ghatkopar) on the Central Line.

From there: # walk it up (10 mins) or # take a Rickshaw to the college gate (Min. fare)..


By Bus:

If coming from Andheri East or J B Nagar take bus no. 324.

From Santacruz East take bus no. 322

From Saki Naka take bus no 324,323 or 308

All these buses till Vidyavihar station, west. from there , get to the college as described above.


View Larger Map





  • Laptop (if you have one)
  • Memory Stick/pen drive (if you have one: for transfering presentations,demo code,etc)
  • demos and required softwares
  • If you have TShirts, corporate pens,Trial softwares, free accounts (for the cool service you just launched) etc that you want to share, this is probably a good place.
  • CDs / DVDs of GNU/Linux distros if you would like to give them away or if you have the latest versions





We'll do our best to provide:

  • Wiki...the one you are reading right now!!
  • Wifi/internet access...Trying our best!!
  • Power, Power Strips
  • Lunch, Coffee/Tea, and Snacks (Just Lunch)
  • Tables and Chairs
  • Projector with PC (or you can use your laptop)
  • White Boards and Markers
  • BarCampMumbaiUni4 T-Shirts...lets hope we can get these


Sharing and Tags

Tag all blog entries, (Flickr) photos, (Slideshare) presentations, (Youtube/GoogleVideos) videos, with BarCampMumbaiUni4



Mihir Kachalia [mihir.kachalia@gmail.com]

Rajas Lonkar [rajas.lonkar@gmail.com]

Sudarshan Pisupati [sudarshanmj@gmail.com]

Sonal Kenia [sonal.kenia@gmail.com]

Any queries regarding registration/reaching the venue..feel free to contact us




Please write your name here if you want to help us plan this event



(add your name-email-topic if you're coming, leave topic blank if not giving a presentation)


Everyone should try to hold some sort of talk/presentation/session, or help someone else with their session, or try to volunteer in some way or the other.

The session need not be very formal, and around 20-30 minutes, but any length is acceptable, as long as it's not too long. Everyone is encouraged to participate is some way

Name-Email id-Topics prepared

Mihir Kachaliamihir.kachalia@gmail.comSVN , Download Multiple rapidshare links at one time on one pc only(working on it)lets hope for the best ;)
Rajas Lonkarrajas.lonkar@gmail.comInterfacing mobile&PC using message server& Deploying web-based applications on a J2EE app server
Sudarshan Pisupatisudarshanmj@gmail.comGame Theory
Sonal Keniasonal.kenia@gmail.com
Bhavesh Chauhanchauhan.bhaveshD@gmail.com
Kumar Gauravherecomesrocky@yahoo.comMobile Hacks
Niki Khokalenikikhokale at hotmail dot com
Ruchit Mehtaruchitm at gmail dot com
Neha Agarwalenigma_87 at hotmail dot com
Ranjan Varma ranjanvarma at gmail dot comUsing Technology for personal finance
Bhavin Doshi bkd.online@gmail.com Designing your own su-doku solver!! (Falls under applications of AI upto some extent)
Jval ShahSetting up LAN
ShilpaOrthogonal FDM
Parikshit Dhumedevilhead_me at yahoo dot co dot inAutomobile Design
Sanidhya JoshiCrane Design
VishuddhaSustainable Energy Sources
Aksdjaks at msn for com






Add your name here of you have blogged about BarCampMumbaiUni4


Suggested Topics


Add topics to this list if you are interested in hearing a particular topic @ this BarCamp



  • Web 2.0
  • IMT 2000
  • Ajax
  • Mobile Computing
  • Perl
  • Python
  • J2EE
  • Ruby on Rails
  • RTOS
  • Quantum Computing & DNA Computing
  • The Art of "Perfect" search- get what you want as the first search result
  • PHP
  • Network security & data-encryption
  • first i-pod then i-phone,now Apple will come out with ??
  • DTSP
  • Off-the-shelf Super-Computing
  • The collection of softwares that you need to carry on 1 GB pen drive so that you don't need anything else
  • Matlab
  • Viruses & worms
  • ALTERNATIVE careers for engineers
  • AI & Neural-Fuzzy systems
  • Open Source vs Paid software/ IPRs
  • Social Networking
  • Interesting Internet sites,applications & mobile softwares
  • RFID
  • Add more



  • super startup ideas for entrepreneurship
  • Stock Market- Tips & tricks
  • How to earn maximum money in stock markets in shortest time
  • Rock Music
  • Photography
  • The next-big thing after IT and reality tv shows
  • project management
  • stress management
  • The art of scoring "40"- the magic number in MU Engg
  • Salsa
  • Add more



The BarCamp is being held in association with our Fest "360 Degrees".

So lots of time-pass available in between and after sessions...


College Canteen just 17 seconds away from the venue. Lotsa time-pass and unlimited cutting chai & vada-pav available there....


We might have a couple of adventure sports also happening in the college building during the fest...


Guitar by Sudarshan Pisupati....lets hope he plays for us there..


Any other ideas???




please get us some...need help from you guys