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BarCampMelbourne – Sponsorship Page




We extend our greatest appreciation to our sponsors:


Datalink is a eight-year old web software development company in Melbourne, Australia, that specialises in complex internet solutions, including e-business applications, internet infrastructure, web application development, interactive websites and intranets.


Ben Balbo, one of the organisers, writes: "I worked for Datalink as a PHP developer for a year not so long ago, and the people there really know their stuff. I was continuously amazed at how much thought and effort went into producing quality products that scaled well and were equally applicable and customisable to suit all clients. Having worked in the web development industry since 1998, I honestly believe it's hard to find a business that works harder for their clients than this one."

Linux Australia Inc. was founded to cater specifically to the needs of the Australian Linux community. Australia has unique problems that confront those attempting to organise and coordinate user groups and other support mechanisms because of its high urbanisation and large geographic distances between populated areas. Linux Australia hopes to assist in bringing the disparate pockets of Linux support into a single forum by encouraging and facilitating communication between these groups.


Under their Grants Scheme, Linux Australia has kindly sponsored all four BarCampAustralia venues!

The Open Source Developers’ Club runs meetings in Melbourne every other month, and an annual Conference, designed for developers, by developers, covering numerous programming languages across a range of operating systems with talks from introductory pieces through to the deeply technical.


Profits from conferences are used not only to prepare for future conferences, but also to support community events, such as BarCamps.

Hugeobject is a growing web development company situated in Melbourne. They make multimedia, websites, ecommerce applications, web applications and content management systems.


Hugeobject uses predominantly open source products including linux, php and mysql. All websites are made accessible and to the latest XHTML standards.

Creative Contingencies are a Melbourne based micro-business dedicated to finding the right solution for each of their clients. They believe that Open Source Software solutions are often the answer they've been searching for.


Many thanks to Creative Contingencies for providing lanyards and badge holders!

Melbourne University's Department of Information Systems is a flourishing department, at the forefront of national, and increasingly international, research and education in the human issues associated with information and communication technology (ICT). We are one of the largest information systems departments in Australia, working across technical, organisational, social and end user aspects of ICT. Our aim is to be, and be recognised as, the primary Australian home of research and education activities that concern both people and ICT.


Many thanks to the Department of Information Systems for providing stationary and other miscellaneous items.


Sponsorship Opportunities


Unlike most BarCamps, we only have one sponsorship package. It's the DIY package (define it yourself).


So you want to support this event, and you have a little money to spend. What can we do for each other to make this worthwhile?


Well, for you, we guarantee at least:


  • Your logo on the main BarCampMelbourne web page until the next BarCamp
  • Your logo on this page
  • Your company mentioned at the start of each day, the closing thanks, and probably a few other times during the event
  • You are welcome to advertise your support in any way you like
  • You can offer schwag/literature/etc at the event
  • You can provide signage for display during the event


In exchange, you will provide us with some money so we can run this conference for the benefit of the community.


We really want this to be of benefit to you too, so feel free to contact us and negotiate - we are happy to accommodate most requests. Email Ben Balbo to get started.


Also, if you would like to provide books, software, hardware, etc... that we can give away as prizes, they will be greatly appreciated.


Our Costs


Here is a list of the costs we face:


  • Accommodation for 40 people: $1000
  • Catering for 40 people: $1000
  • Misc stationery (blu-tak, large sheets of paper, pens, paper), paper cups & plates (etc) and basic colour printer resource (approx $200)