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Page history last edited by Abraham Williams 12 years, 5 months ago

BarCampMadison2 Planning Meeting

January 5 2008

This is information no longer pertinent to the front page.


Who was in attendance of planning meeting

  • Abraham Williams
  • Vanessa Shipley
  • Ayla Annac
  • Blake Hall
  • Scott Fradkin
  • Kevin Ciesielski
  • James Carlson
  • Eric Howland
  • Ben Seigel
  • Jen Anne
  • Andrew Shell
  • Steve Blair
  • Justin Kruger jdavid
  • Tony Stancl
  • Jeramey Jannene


Space requirements

  • Accommodates 125 people
  • Six divisions or smaller areas
  • One larger gathering area (with seating cap for appx 50)
  • Permits bringing outside food
  • Ample electricity
  • Bandwidth and wifi included
  • Parking nearby or adequate
  • Relatively blank or blankable walls, for projection
  • Access for 32 continuous hours
  • Free or as close as possible to free


Alternative Venues

Alternative Places to consider if the Lussier Teen Center doesn't work out.

  • The Wilmar Community Center (does stage performances for a dollar a person, might offer spaces)
  • Empty space at the Enterprise Center?
  • Union South
  • Top of the WARF building -- would require selling
  • Herzing (The tech school)
  • Fluno Center
  • MATC (kriskd is currently a student there and can inquire if needed)