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Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 5 months ago


Hi planner type people. Please update this as you have info so we can all stay on the same page about how much money we're bringing in and from who. Please don't forget to edit the total at the bottom so we can all know what's going on.


To do on this page (Please procrastinate by helping organize)

  • Make Sponsor list into a table with columns for name, $$/goods, and whether we have their logo.
  • Convert promises of goods to budgeted $$ amount from Planning page so we know how close to estimated budget number we are.


Sponsor Levels

Contributing Sponsor: 200-300 (mostly for gifts of goods)

Sustaining Sponsor: 500

Premium Sponsor: 750

Founding Sponsor: 1000+



Confirmed Sponsors



Little Radio - Venue! have logo

Belkin - Networking + Recording Hardware have logo

Superviva - nametags, milk + cookies - heather coordinating - have logo

Disney - they are up for something via credit card (~500)/ costco

Microsoft - pizza friday night - heather coordinating have logo

Twiistup - cross promotion have logo

Demand Media - lunch no logo

Internet Brands - Breakfast no logo



Snap (IdeaLabs) - 500 - heather coordinating have logo

ooVoo - 500 have logo

3jane - 500 have logo

AOL - some bucks (~500) have logo

Yahoo - 500 have logo

Sisu - 250 have logo

General Mayhem - 200/keg no logo







Total $$$


- lunch Saturday - ??? Disney/yahoo

- lunch Sunday - Demand Media, Inc

- breakfast Sunday - Chris Holland / Internet Brands

- cookies/milk break (Superviva)

- catered dinner Saturday night (Microsoft)

- keg - General Mayhem

- CostcoRun /Caffeinated Drinks

- Venue - Little Radio

- Networking Hardware - Belkin