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Please use tag: barcamphouston2


See the BarCampHouston2 Highlights Here


All Presentations should be published on SlideShare.net


Venue has been finalized. We need the following: People to bring wireless routers, projectors, a public address system, and people to bring power strips and extension cords. We will also need volunteers to help the day of camp. If you are an awesome notetaker/mindmapper let us know!



  • I (Kevin L.) can provide the P.A. system - it will be a Fender Passport, with 2 mics, and a mic stand. Sufficient?
  • (Kenan Branam)I'll bring 2, Canon XL1s, XL1s, tripods, wireless microphone, 1,hand-held stereo mic, wires and grip gear. I can operate one camera. Anyone else? What can we do with this?




Event Details


DateAugust 25, 2007
Time9:00 A.M.
Location Houston Technology Center
CostAlways free! Sign up below.
FormatPresentations, development projects, and demos
Estimated Attendance150


How to get to HTC

--Can someone here talk about parking? How much does it cost? Where are the parking lots? Which parking lots are free and which cost money?

(29° 45' 9 N, 95° 22' 33 W)

  • Google Map: Map


An Introduction to BarCamp and Barcamp Houston


I recommend looking at videos from LA, Austin and San Francisco. These capture the essence and wide range of things that happen at Barcamp. BarCamp SF, What is a BarCamp and BarCamp Austin.



How can I stay up to date?



Planning Status


In the early planning stages. As a non-commercial, all-volunteer event, the planning process is public and gaining critical mass takes place over the several weeks prior to the event. A BarCamp-style event can go from 10 attendees to more than 200 in just a few weeks, as word spreads, and in this same time, attract a dozen or more sponsors. While the current attendee list is small, and we are still securing a venue and sponsors, check back in a week and there will be considerably more substance to the event.


Keep up-to-date by adding BarcampHouston as a friend on Twitter!


  • (KR):* We are starting to get more traction here. Hopefully we will be able to solidify a date in the next day or so. Erica and Marc have been investigating venue locations, Twitter account is up and going, and we are preparing the mailing list. Question: Would anyone be interested in a pre-event Hack night event and a lead in to the event?


  • (KR):* Venue and date finalized, thanks to HTC!


What will we be doing?


This year we want to try and break things done by tracks. Currently we have 4 planned tracks, each being carried out in a different room.


  • Technology
  • Design
  • Entrepreneurship
  • NEW Workshop Track - The workshop track is designed to allow for longer workshop based presentations. We want to do nominations to see which workshops people want to see most. Nominate your workshop ideas below.
  • POSSIBLE Demo Track - Demo your latest software or product


Possible Workshop Tracks


We hope to vote on the nominated workshops in a couple of weeks. If you have a workshop you would like to nominate, list it below.


  • Visual Thinking Workshop - Kelsey Ruger
  • Web Standards Workshop - Ken Hansen
  • Copywriting Workshop - ?
  • Guerrilla Marketing Workshop - ?
  • Web Frameworks Workshop - ?
  • Building a Dynamic Website Part I: Using the Django Python web framework to build a dynamic site. (Nathan Eror, Hush Labs)
  • Building a Dynamic Website Part II: Using the Ext javascript toolkit to add modern ajax features to an existing site. (Nathan Eror, Hush Labs)
  • Legal Aspects to Technology Start-ups - ?




Post any sessions that you're willing to present here. If there is a specific topic you would like to see presented on, please add it to the requested sessions section.


  • Rise of the Creative Class
  •  Ubuntu Houston Team can provide someone to present
  • Social Media Club Houston: What is it? (Katie Laird ?)
  • Collaborating Toward Community 2.0 and Beyond (Erica O'Grady)
  • Grid based web design (Kelsey Ruger)
  • Effectively Training Noobs in Web 2.0 (Michelle Boule)
  • Optimize for Reading: The Art (and Science) of presenting content. (Talk Description) By Robert Nagle & Gerry Manacsa.online bilet konya mehmet ali
  • The business of Virtual Worlds and Virtual Goods(Robert Brackenridge)
  • Building a great Web Team (Cory Wright, Hush Labs)
  • State of the Houston Startup Community (Kurt Stoll, StartupHouston)
  • Managing Through Growth: Making The Most Out of Every Dollar Invested (Josh Tabin, MosaicCFO)
  • E=MCSquared:Thought Experiment (isomorph) PPT Special Theory of Human Media Experience  (Kenan Branam)
  • Challenges & Strategies for enterprise adoption of Web 2.0 (Jose Luis Lopez, HP & nContacto)
  • Open Source Currency: What follows the identity commons? (Tom Brown)
  • Scaling Web Applications (Will Reese, Hush Labs)
  • Create Flash Presentations in the browser. Example: iPhone (Sasha, Spresent)
  • How the Houston tech community can collaboratively build the next breakout Web 2.0 company (Tory Gattis, OpenTeams)
  • Brief demo of creating an Amazon EC2 machine image to develop for the Nokia N800 (Jason Kridner, Maemo SDK Image)
  • Exploring .NET, Silverlight, & Blend (Chris Koenig)
  • Design is ___ - A presentation on graphic design, it’s importance, and how to use it to it’s fullest potential. (Roby Fitzhenry, 372)
  • Baking SEO into your web application. (Ed Schipul schipul / Steven Evatt chron.com)dress up games girl games * Social Media and modern Public Relations (Ed Schipul schipul)
  • iPhone Developer Resources and review of iPhoneDevCamp (Ed schipul)
  • I can talk about any of these: Growl - Adium - Perian (Chris Forsythe)


Requested Sessions


  • Adobe AIR and Flash: What's new in Rich Internet applications
  • What's next in social networking
  • Hope is not a strategy: business models for social networking and web 2.0 applications
  • Houston's Tech Goals for
  • Social Networking Cookbook: What makes a good social network
  • New technology, education and library science (Michelle Boule ?)
  • What is the 4-hour work week (Erica - maybe???)
  • Exploring the Personal MBA
  • Co-Working Houston: Updates and Strategies (Erica, Kelsey, Marc, Greg, Matthew, Darren