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It’s time for the systems management community to start acting like one. BMC is taking the lead, with the help of several open source projects, bloggers, analyst, and even competitors. We’re sponsoring the world’s first Enterprise System’s Management BarCamp. Like BarCamp, DevCamp, and SuperHappyDevHouse, BarCampESM will throw users, developers, vendors, and anyone else interested in systems management together at a non-commercial event, organized by volunteers, with free attendance for all.


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  1. whurley, vision@whurley.com
  2. Mark Hinkle, mrhinkle@zenoss.com
  3. John M. Willis, botchagalupe@gmail.com
  4. Cote'
  5. Decibel!
  6. Berkay mberkay@yahoo.com can't make it :(
  7. Thomas Lockney
  8. Rob Evans, robevans@cisco
  9. Doug McClure, dmcclure@gmail.com
  10. Anne Gentle, annegentle@justwriteclick.com
  11. Steve Carl, stevecarl@gmail.com
  12. Chuck Talk, ctalk@orangecrate.com
  13. Vince Padua, vpadua@us.ibm.com
  14. Scott Isensee, scott_isensee@bmc.com
  15. Rodney Sabrsula, rsabrsula@schipul
  16. Mark Cathcart Server Group, IBM
  17. Stormy Peters, OpenLogic, stormy@openlogic.com
  18. Dan Trevino dan@wrevolution.org
  19. Luke Kanies, luke@reductivelabs.com
  20. Klaus Kämpf, kkaempf@suse.de
  21. Erik Dahl, edahl@zenoss
  22. Winston Bumpus, winston_bumpus@dell.com
  23. Kinetic Data, john.sundberg@kineticdata.com
  24. Brian Boyko, brian.boyko@netqos.com, Editor, Network Performance Daily, Contributor, Geeks Are Sexy.
  25. Misha Govshteyn, Alert Logic
  26. Keely Johnson, keely_johnson@bmc.com
  27. Chip Holden, chip_holden@bmc.com
  28. Ynema Mangum, ynema_mangum@bmc.com
  29. Jim Sander, jim.sander@zabovo.com
  30. Michael Nels, mnels@alterpoint.com
  31. Damon Edwards, damon@controltier.com, open.controltier.com and dev2ops.org
  32. Alex Honor, alex@controltier.com, open.controltier.com and dev2ops.org
  33. Tarus Balog, OpenNMS
  34. Dougie Stevenson dougie@phaults.com [http://www.eirteic.com]
  35. David Winter, dwinter@ctiusa.com
  36. David Weber, dhweber@gmail.com
  37. Naeem Altaf, Lahorite@hotmail.com
  38. Hugh Geimer, hgeimer@ferosegroup.com
  39. Jon Christiansen, jon_christiansen at bmc.com
  40. Lynn Bender, LinearB@gmail.com, GeekAustin
  41. Kartick Suriamoorthy, ksuriamoorthy@alterpoint.com, ZipTie
  42. Frank Sheiness [http://www.korcett.com/]
  43. Tom Bishop, [BMC Software http://www.bmc.com]
  44. Lee Thompson, thompson@etrade.com [E*TRADE Financial http://www.etrade.com]
  45. Kimo Storke, kimo@liveoakinteractive.com [Live Oak Interactive http://www.liveoakinteractive.com]
  46. Kevin Crothers, crothers . gmail . com
  47. Jon Mick, barcamp@techouthere.com
  48. Suresh Kaja
  49. Oliver Schmelzle, FiveRuns