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Bar Camp attendees







  • CherylMorris - http://cherylmorris.com/ -- wound up getting a rush project due Monday. Drat.
  • DinahSanders - overcome by logistical difficulties of a parental visit all weekend. (Someday there will be grown-up children of Web geeks and they'll all go to BarCamp together as a family bonding exercise. Someday).
  • DoriSmith - would like to be there, but previous commitments say no until Sunday late afternoon/evening. If the FooBarCrawl happens, could someone let me know?
  • Enoch Choi http://www.enochchoi.com/thoughts/ Celebrating my son's Man Yue red-egg-and-ginger party
  • JayAllen - Sadly prior commitments (shipping!) hold me back from the blast I'm sure it will be. Enjoy!
  • JeffreyMiller -- have to cancel, family business. Next year perhaps?
  • KunalAnand - Family emergency calls
  • Susan Mernit out of town this weekend regrets
  • TimBishop - http://www.thebishop.net/geodog/ unfortunately, family, work and distance will keep me away, but hope to see some or all of you at the Berkeley Cybersalon on Sat Eve.
  • TimBonnemann - Out of town