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BarCampDelhi3 has now concluded. It was a huge success - BarCampDelhi3 organisers


About BarCampDelhi3



BarCamp Delhi is proposed to be a camp where we get together and discuss/rant/brain-storm/share opinions about about Web technologies & trends, Mobile Internet, Hacking, Blogging, Vlogs, Social Media, ... everything about the Technology that interests us. As said before, "It's about geekery and having a focal point for great ideas."


Read more previous editions of Barcamp Delhi - BarCampDelhi1 (held in March 2006) and BarcampDelhi2 (held in Dec 2006)



BarCampDelhi3 on Facebook


Mailing List

BarCampDelhi Mailing List - join the discussions


Attendees are strongly encouraged to give a demo, a session, or help with one. You can help by taking notes on the wiki, blogging the event, helping to promote the event, or helping with logistics.




8th December 2007 (Saturday)





Impetus Technologies (Direction on Google Maps)

D-39/40, Sector - 59, NOIDA


Wondering whats the venue looks like????



Value added services at the venue:


The Impetus office also has a creche where you could baby-sit your kid! So having to take care of the young ones at home cannot be an excuse for not turning up at the event...


P.S: This is our conspiracy to "...catch em' young..." and turn them into hard-core barcampers when they grow up.....


Schedule for the Day(can be change until date and venue decided)


Log On - 9.30 am

Lunch Break - 1.30 pm (45 min)

Log Off - 5.30 pm




  • Laptop (if you have one)
  • Memory Stick/thumb drive (if you have one: for transferring presentations, demo code, etc)
  • Ideas and demos
  • Feel free to get along and distribute T-Shirts, corporate pens, Trial softwares, free accounts (for the cool web app you just launched)- this is a good place to let the community know about your stuff




We'll do our best to provide:

  • Wiki, Wifi (Network Configuration) and Power
  • Lunch, Coffee/Tea, and snacks
  • Tables and chairs
  • Projector, White Boards


Sponsors & Volunteers


- Much love to ImpetusTech for offering to host the event at their premises

- Kudos to Guneet Sahai for volunteering to man the registration desk, track attendance, get contact info and put on the wiki

- Prashant Jaiswal, TechnoApex Software volunteering to man the registration desk, track attendance, get contact info and put on the wiki

- Thumbs up to Abhishek Bhatnagar and Rohit Khurana for volunteering to live blog the event (BTW, we need more live bloggers!)

- Sanjay Vijayakumar Volunteers to upload photos live from the scene on Mobshare - the mobile photo sharing platform.

- Three cheers to Opera Software for volunteering to sponsor the "after-party". "Beer - Free as in Opera Mini" ;)


Sponsors & volunteers wanted for (please add your name above with the task selected)


- making badges for BarcampDelhi3 logo (for blogs, websites etc)

- getting name cards made for the participants

- shooting awesome photos & videos and live uploading to media sharing sites like flickr, youtube,mobshare.

- sponsorship for T-shirts


Companies interested in sponsoring- please contact the planners...






Attn: Registrations are now closed (both for sessions & attendees) as we have run out of space; Please do not add any more names to the lists; they will be summarily removed- BarCampDelhi3 organisers



Campers (add your name, email and blog/website address)

Please add your name at the bottom of the list. If we run out of space, then campers who have added their name/email to the wiki will have priority.


  1. Manik Juneja, Vinsol, New Delhi (manik at vinsol dot com)
  2. Akhil Bansal, Vinsol, New Delhi (akhil at vinsol dot com)
  3. Sunder Vijay upcomingmanager at gmail dot com
  4. Deepak Mittal mittaldeepak01 at gmail dot com
  5. Abhishek Agrawal abhishek.agl at gmail dot com
  6. Amit Agarwal, Digital Inspiration, amitATlabnolDOTorg (Professional Blogger, Technology Columnist)
  7. Latest Technology Buzz, Vijay, Pune (shindevijaykr at gmail dot com)
  8. Software Testing Help, Vijay, Pune (shindevijaykr at gmail dot com)
  9. Ashish Tulsian, TechnoApex Software, New Delhi (atulsian AT TechnoApex DOT com)
  10. Nikhil Dabas, TechnoApex Software, New Delhi (ndabas AT TechnoApex DOT com)
  11. Prashant Jaiswal, TechnoApex Software, New Delhi (prashant AT TechnoApex DOT com)
  12. Prashant Singh (pacificleo AT gmail DOT com)
  13. Ravi Ranjan, Delhi
  14. Ashish Chopra, Gurgaon (ashchopra AT gmail DOT com)
  15. Amit Ranjan, New Delhi (amit AT slideshare DOT net)
  16. Ravish Ahuja (GSMHacks.com / Mpedia), Gurgaon (ravish AT xeonext DOT com)
  17. Aditi Tuteja (RealGeek.com / Mpedia), Gurgaon (aditi.tuteja AT gmail DOT com)
  18. Gaurav Gupta, New Delhi (gauravgupta123 AT gmail DOT com)
  19. Mayank Dhingra, New Delhi (dhingra.mayank AT gmail DOT com)
  20. Ajay Jain, Journalist/Blogger, New Delhi (ajay@ajayjain.com)
  21. Abhishek Bhatnagar New Delhi(abhitrace AT gmail DOT com)
  22. Ananjay Surana (Six Sigma Expert),Noida
  23. Amit Gupta, New Delhi (coolamit at gmail dot com)
  24. Swagat Sen , NOIDA (swagatsen AT gmail DOT com)
  25. Saurabh Garg, New Delhi (septemberthe22nd at gmail.com)
  26. Navjot Pawera, Chandigarh (navjotp AT opera DOT com)
  27. Johan Dekker, Gurgaon (jjndekker AT ibibogroup DOT com)
  28. Mohammad Sayeed, Gurgaon (message AT sayeed DOT in)
  29. Aditya Gupta, Pitampura, New Delhi (adityaDOTgupta AT yahooDOTcom)
  30. Rishav Dixit, Vinsol, New Delhi (rishav at vinsol dot com)
  31. Rahul Bahugna, Gurgaon (rahul dot bahuguna at ibibogroup dot com)
  32. Kapil Mohan, New Delhi (kapilonweb at gmail dot com)
  33. Saurabh Tuteja, New Delhi (tutejasaurabh at gmail dot com)
  34. K.A.Anand, New Delhi (k.a.anand at gmail dot com)
  35. Lalit Patel, New Delhi (lalitpatel at g nospace mail dot com)
  36. Dipankar Sarkar, New Delhi (dipankar.sarkar at gmail dot com)
  37. Gaurav Sharma, New Delhi (gaurav at vinsol dot com)
  38. Bhavesh Dhupar, New Delhi (bhavesh at vinsol dot com)
  39. Siddhaarth Verma, New Delhi (sid AT vinsol DOT com)
  40. Amit Solanki Vinsol, New Delhi (amit at vinsol dot com)
  41. Akash Takyar New Delhi (akash at leewayhertz dot com) Specializations : Web 2.0, Ajax, RIA, Amazon AWS
  42. Chandan Kumar, New Delhi (chandan619 at gmail dot com)
  43. Prateek Bhargava, New Delhi (prateek.bhargava AT tekritisoftware DOT com)
  44. Nupur Maskara, Dentsu Media Palette, New Delhi (nupur.maskara at gmail dot com)
  45. Lalit K. Shandilya, GeoBeats Inc., New Delhi (shanlalit at gmail dot com)
  46. Animesh Bansriyar, Times Internet, Gurgaon (animesh at mirrorzen dot com)
  47. Sukanya Basu, Sapient Corporation, Gurgaon (sbasu02 at yahoo dot com)
  48. Saumya Meattle, DriveInside.com, New Delhi (smeattle at gmail dot com)
  49. Ankit Maheshwari Instablogs (ankit at instablogs dot com)
  50. Nandini Maheshwari Instablogs (nandini.maheshwari at gmail dot com)
  51. Arjun Maheshwari Instablogs (arjun59 at gmail dot com)
  52. yatender sharma, Ghaziabad (sharma.yatender.k at gmail dot com)
  53. Jayanta Bhattacharya(goldenarcher at gmail dot com)
  54. Vikas Shekhawat(vikas at intablogs dot com)
  55. Raghubir Thakur(raghubir at intablogs dot com)
  56. Praveen Kumar Sinha, New Delhi (praveen.kumar.sinha at gmail dot com)
  57. Surendra Dhaleta(dhaleta at himvani dot com)
  58. Amit Kalra(akkalra at gmail dot com)
  59. Ekalavya - ekalavya (at) gmail (dot) com - Interests: Web 2.0, Ruby, Open Social, Facebook F8 Platform, SMO, SEO
  60. Martin Selva - martinselva (at) gmail (dot) com - Spec: Flash, Flex, Ruby, Orkut openSocial
  61. Anil Kumar Singh, Interactive Avenues, New Delhi (anil.search AT gmail DOT com)
  62. Nimit Grover, Tribal Fusion, Noida. (nimit.grover AT gmail DOT com)
  63. Sandeep - sandeep at balajiinternational dot com - Interests Web 2.0,Improving productivity on the net
  64. Satish Chauhan, Vinsol, New Delhi (satishchauhan80 at gmail dot com)
  65. Maninder Singh Walia, Jobs and Career Information Website, New Delhi (oyegoogly AT gmail DOT com)
  66. Saiphul Singh Bhullar, (saiphul AT gmail DOT com)
  67. Nandini Vaish (nandini.vaish@intoday.com)
  68. Avinash Agrawal, RouteGuru.com (avinash AT RouteGuru DOT com)
  69. Piyush Gupta, RouteGuru.com (piyush.gupta@RouteGuru.com)
  70. Ankit Rastogi, IndiaHotelReview.com (ankit DOT r AT IndiaHotelReview DOT com)
  71. Arun Bansal (arun AT arunbansal DOT com)
  72. Gurpreet Singh, Iprfirm.com (gsmonga AT gmail DOT com)
  73. Aditya Babbar, Impetus Technologies. (aditya DOT babbar AT impetus DOT co DOT in)
  74. Shweta Gupta, Criticat Technologies (shweta dot gupta AT yahoo dot com)
  75. Niraj Ranjan (ranjan T.O.D. niraj T.A. gmail T.O.D. com)
  76. Munish Bansal (munish T.A. gmail T.O.D com)
  77. Deepanwita Chatterjee (deepanwita T.O.D. ch T.A. gmail T.O.D. com)
  78. Nitesh Nandy (niteshnandy T.A. gmail T.O.D. com)
  79. Sanjay ( sanjay_pec AT yahoo DOT com )
  80. Guneet Sahai, Independent Consultant, Gurgaon (guneetsahai AT yahoo DOT com)
  81. Ankit Khanna (ankit at itasveer DOT com)
  82. Jinesh Varia, Evangelist/Geek, Amazon Web Services, Seattle, WA (jvaria-at-amazon-dot-com)
  83. Jaspreet Singh, Entrepreneur/Geek(orthodox) Druvaa Software, (jaspreet AT druvaa dot com)
  84. Ankit Agrawal, Jobyantra (ankit at jobyantra DOT com)
  85. Sudeep goyal, Jobyantra (sudeep at jobyantra DOT com)
  86. Priyanka Jhamnani, Jobyantra (priyanka at jobyantra DOT com)
  87. Amit Dhir, (amitdhir1 at gmail dot com)
  88. Nishant Soni, ReviewGist.com (nishant AT cobaan DOT com)
  89. Brijesh K. Sharma, NIC, (bks at india dot com)
  90. Sanjay Kumar, NIC, (sanjaykr at nic dot in)
  91. Shyam, (shyamsu79 at gmail dot com)
  92. Gregory Narain, Blue Whale Labs (greg at bluewhalelabs dot com)
  93. Shaishav Kumar, (kr.shaishav at gmail dot com)
  94. Prashant Sharma,CESC(prashantsharma at digigyan dot com)
  95. Damanjeet Singh,CESC(damanjeetsingh at digigyan dot com)
  96. Sur Max(sur d0t max at g_mail d0t com)
  97. Akash Senapaty, (akash at apnidhun dott com)
  98. Devyani Gupta, (devyani057 at yahoo dot com)
  99. Saurabh Arora, (saurabhinindia at yahoo dot com)
  100. Neeraj Kumar, (email2neeraj at gmail dot com)
  101. Vikas Kalra (vikaskalra at outserve dot in)
  102. Vineet Ahuja (vineetahuja at outserve dot in)
  103. Nazim Iqbal (nazim.iqbal@gmail.com), Gurgaon
  104. Vineet Tyagi (vineet.tyagi1 AT gmail DOT com), Noida
  105. Puneet Rustagi (puneetrustagi@gmail.com), Delhi
  106. Sunandini Basu (ibibo)
  107. Sourabh Raheja (raheja at gmail dot com)
  108. Sandeep Chandna (sandeep.chandna@gmail.com)
  109. Richa Bhalla,New Delhi(richa@ms-technology.com)
  110. Shivaas Gulati, ShoppingTadka (shivaas AT gmail DOT com)
  111. Sandeep Srinivasa (sandeepss@gmail.com), Delhi
  112. Puneet Jagtiani, Noida, (puneetjagtiani@gmail.com), Open Source Performance Testing Tool
  113. Somya Mohanty (mohanty_somya@yahoo.com)
  114. Gurpreet Singh, Tekriti Software, Gurgaon (gurpreet.singh AT tekritisoftware.com)
  115. Avneet Kaur, HCL, Noida (avneet.kaur AT hcl DOT IN)
  116. Manoj Awasthi, Noida (awasthi/dot/manoj /at/ gmail /dot/ com)
  117. Ishan
  118. Vikas Yadav (mevikas-g-mail com)
  119. Vivek Yadav (vivek_bye-yahoo-com)
  120. Abhishek Gupta (abhishek.gupta AT tekritisoftware DOT com)
  121. Shwetank (shwetankd AT opera DOT com)
  122. Vishesh Bajaj, GeoBeats, New Delhi (visheshbajaj at geobeats dot com)
  123. Jatin Bajaj, bajaj.jatin@yahoo.co.in
  124. Aarti Jesrani - aarti at burrp dot com
  125. Shashank Aggarwal - shashank.aggarwal1 at Gmail dot com
  126. Akash Srivastava, akash.srivastava@gmail.com [www.akashsrivastava.com]
  127. Piyush, Gurgaon (piykumar@gmail.com)
  128. Kaustubh Srikanth (kaustubh AT houndbee DOT com)
  129. Arjun Ghosh, Blue Whale Labs (arjun.ghosh at bluewhalelabs dot com)
  130. Shirish Kasa (shirishkasa AT gmail DOT com)
  131. Puneet Aggarwal (puneet DOT 1986 AT yahoo DOT co DOT in)
  132. Vibhu Bhushan (vibhu UNDERSCORE qwer AT yahoo DOT com)
  133. Shiv Narayan Gautam (sngautam AT gmail DOT com)
  134. Sanjay Ahuja (sanjayahuja AT india DOT com)
  135. Rahul Gupta, (rgupta1 AT VSNL DOT com)
  136. Irani Sen (irani.instablogs@gmail.com)
  137. Vishnu Gopal (g.vishnu@gmail.com)
  138. Ekta Rohra Jafri (devingel at gmail)
  139. Vikas Patial (admin@ngcoders.com)
  140. Virender Singh (virenderit@gmail.com)
  141. Aditya Raj (aditya.internet@gmail.com)
  142. Puneet Lakhina puneet.lakhina at gmail dot com
  143. Rishikesh Ballaney (rishikesh.b AT gmail DOT com)
  144. Sanjay Vijayakumar (sanjay@mobme.in)
  145. Ashish Gupta (ashish DOT gupta AT tekritisoftware DOT com)
  146. Ashutosh Raina, Birlasoft, Noida (ashutosh.raina at gmail dot com)
  147. Soumen Dutta, Birlasoft, Noida (dutta.soumen at gmail dot com)
  148. Sunil Malhotra, Birlasoft, Noida (sbobby81 at gmail dot com)
  149. Sushil Kumar, Blue Whale Labs (sushil.prajapati at bluewhalelabs dot com)
  150. Shikha Mohan, Blue Whale Labs (shikha.mohan at bluewhalelabs dot com)
  151. Monica Bajpai, Blue Whale Labs (monica.bajpai at bluewhalelabs dot com)
  152. Vikram Dhiman, Blue Whale Labs (vikram.dhiman at bluewhalelabs dot com)
  153. Devender Dagar, Blue Whale Labs (devender.singh at bluewhalelabs dot com)
  154. Manjula Rajendran, Blue Whale Labs (manjula.rajendran at bluewhalelabs dot com)


  1. Amit Katoch(er.amitkatoch@gmail.com))
  2. Shishir Jain (shishir dot jain at gmail dot com)
  3. Mohit Ranka (mohit@uzanto.com)
  4. Rakesh Mishra(admin.gopher@gmail.com)
  5. Gurdeep Singh(gurdeep_gds@rediffmail.com)
  6. Kanav Hasija, Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Kharagpur(kanav5689@gmail.com)
  7. Atul Shridhar (atulshridhar at gmail dot com)
  8. Pankaj Jangid, Cadence Design Systems (pankaj.jangid_NOSPAM_@gmail.com)
  9. Abhinav Gupta (abhinavdoit at sify dot com)
  10. Rahul Upakare, Geek, (rahulu at gmail dot com)
  11. Nikhil Pahwa, ContentSutra.com
  12. Ankit Solanki, Imfinity
  13. Dilip- IP Strategist (dilip.kumar@evalueserve.com)
  14. Shekhar C CEO Tensor Labs ,shekharc-AT-t6india-DOT-com.
  15. Deepanshu Dave, Tekriti Software, Gurgaon (deepanshu.dave AT tekritisoftware.com)
  16. Rahul Taneja (tanrahul AT yahoo DOT com)
  17. Pankaj Jain (pjain AT teknatus DOT com)
  18. Bakshish Dutta (Bakshish.Dutta@sun.com)
  19. Vinay Mehta (vinaymehta2000 AT yahoo DOT com)
  20. Pramit Singh (pramitsingh@yahoo.com)
  21. Rohit Mittal (rohit.mittal.2006@gmail.com)
  22. Gaurav Bhatia, Minekey, (gauravb at minekey dot com)
  23. Himanshu Baweja, Minekey, (himanshu at minekey dot com)
  24. Harsha Vardhan, BarCampdelhi on Plazes, (y0ce012 at gmail dot com)
  25. Vinay Shukla, [http://vinayshukla.blogspot.com ],(vinay at nbrc dot res dot in )
  26. Pankaj Parihar(crazypank@gmail.com)
  27. Sawan Ahluwalia (sawanahluwalia@gmail.com)
  28. Tarun Gupta(tarun.gupta at gmail dot com)
  29. Shalini Shingari (shalinishingari@hotmail.com)
  30. Kapil Ohri Agencyfaqs
  31. Monica Jasuja(jasuja at gmail dot com)
  32. Kalpik Nigam (kalpik at kalpiknigam dot com)
  33. Apoorv Sharma (apoorv dot sharma at gmail dot com)
  34. Nishant Kyal [itasveer.com] (nishant at itasveer dot com)
  35. Pankaj Jain(jpankajat earlysail dot com, jpankajatyahoodot com)
  36. Shashwat Srivastava (shashwat dot srivastava at naukri dot com)
  37. Atul Agrawal, Keane India Ltd.
  38. Gaurav Gupta, IIT Madras
  39. Atul Jha(koolhead17at gmail dot com)
  40. Jitin Narang, [mydiscoveri.wordpress.com],(jitinn at brickred dot com)
  41. Vikas Jain, (vikasj@brickred.com)
  42. Sudhir Singh Chauhan, (sudhirchauhan3atyahoodotcom)
  43. Anup Misra, Blue Whale Labs (anup.misra at bluewhalelabs dot com)
  44. Ashish Singhal, SAP Labs(ashish.singhal@sap.com)
  45. Puru Govind, puru.govind AT gmail.com, SAP Labs
  46. Sameer Chavan, Infoedge India Limited(sameer.chavan@naukri.com)
  47. Rajat Arora, Infoedge India Limited(rajat.arora@naukri.com)
  48. Naveen Sharma, Infoedge India Limited(naveen.sharma@naukri.com)
  49. Manas Arora, UI Designer
  50. Arunima Singhdeo, VP-brijj.com (arunima@naukri.com)
  51. RanjanJha,HCL Tech, ranja.jhaathcl.in
  52. Rachna Mittal, Infoedge India Limited(rachna.mittal@naukri.com)
  53. Alok Sharma, Infoedge India Limited(alok.sharma@naukri.com)
  54. Sugandha Jha, Adobe Systems(sugandha_nitj@yahoo.com)
  55. Siddharth Chhabra, DCE
  56. Deepak Goyal, Sopra India
  57. Avee aroraBarCampDelhi3
  58. Ankur Gupta (mailme at ankur-gupta dot com)
  59. Subhash Palsule, Panalink Infotech Limited (subhash at panalinks dot com)
  60. Gaurav Sharma, (gauravsharma345 at gmail dot com)
  61. Lokesh Santhoor, Panalink Infotech Limited (lokesh at panalinks dot com)
  62. Mudit Tuli , GeoBeats Inc., New Delhi (mudit_tuli at yahoo dot com)
  63. Setu Garg, [http://www.SetuGarg.in] (setu.garg at gmail.com)
  64. Somya Sharma, [http://transluscentdestiny.blogspot.com] (somya3 at gmail.com)
  65. Arnav Saxena, IIT Kharagpur (arnavsaxena13 at gmail.com)
  66. Ammit Saddi , Ipreo India , Delhi(ammit.saddi at gmail.com)
  67. Saloni Jain , Ipreo India , Delhi(salonijain1981 at gmail.com)
  68. Manish singh , Ipreo India , Delhi(manish k singh at gmail.com)
  69. Vivek Rastogi, Mumbai,{rastogi dot v at gmail dot com}
  70. Nachiketa Chandra ,nachiketa.chandra-AT-gmail.com Delhi
  71. Hardeep Singh (hardeep@leewayhertz.com)
  72. Jitendra Pal Singh ,Techie Turned Independent Film Maker ,jisingh@gmail.com,Noida
  73. Aditya Aryan, Techie Turned Independent Film Maker ,Noida
  74. Rahul Gupta, GlobalLogic, Noida
  75. Vijay Rastogi, CSC, Noida
  76. Charul Shukla, [http://pctricksntips.blogspot.com] (Charul at pctrickadmin@gmail.com)
  77. Ankur Verma, [http://pctricksntips.blogspot.com] (Ankur at pctrickadmin@gmail.com)
  78. Abhijit Bhattacharjee [http://abhijit.info] (abhijit8086@yahoo.com)
  79. Varun Aggarwal (varun1425@yahoo.co.in)
  80. Ritika Sharma (rit_sharma1425@yahoo.co.in)
  81. Vikas Jain (vikas.du@gmail.com)
  82. Prakash Dagwal (prakash.dagwal@gmail.com)
  83. Arun Yadav (arun@reffster.com), www.reffster.com
  84. Amit Kumar (akumar0108 at gmail.com)
  85. Maneel Grover (bloggin@maneelgrover.com)
  86. Digvijay Singh Rathore (dsingh ATTT NaviSite Dot Dot com.
  87. Mukul Sharma (musharma ATTT NaviSite Dot Dot Com)


Proposed Sessions (add topic + name below)

Don't come as a mere spectator! Participate! Sign up for giving a session today!


  • Deploying Rails app on EC2 (Manik Juneja and Akhil Bansal) we need a projector and screen for our session
  • Using Jmeter for Performance Testing your webapp (Amit Solanki)
  • Desi Social Networking - Visual web ( Swagat Sen )
  • Everyday Productivity with Windows Live Tools (Abhishek Kant)
  • Gurugeeks - A call out for Web Geeks (Navjot Pawera)
  • Ruby Insights - Some unsaid things about Ruby Programming Language(Sur Max)
  • Dissecting Indian Web design (Navjot Pawera)
  • Possible GIS data strategies for tech companies providing GIS-enabled services, a discussion (Avinash Agrawal)
  • Amazon Cloud Computing (Jinesh Varia) - Find out all about Amazon's newest innovation: Amazon Web Services. This session will focus on Amazon's 'Infrastructure As A Service' ? A cool new way to architect highly-scalable applications ? How to build complete architectures in-the-cloud ? Pros/Cons.
  • Amazon FPS and Amazon Mechanical turk (Jinesh Varia) - Yet another disruptive innovation from Amazon Web Services. From monetizing your applications to earning lots of money in free time. Bring your open minds fully charged, as this session will be interactive and might spur up your thought-liquid for the next ‘Eureka!’ moment.
  • Mobile Advertising (Ashish Tulsian)
  • Planning Poker - Agile Estimation for Dummies (Vineet Tyagi)
  • Going Mobile - taking your online products to mobile (Sunandini Basu)
  • Designing Usable Social Applications (Gregory Narain)
  • Simple Game Development with Ruby (Vishnu Gopal)
  • Designing for the mobile web - W3C commandments simplified! (Ekta Rohra Jafri - devingel at gmail)
  • The 4Ps of Marketing Your Blog - And making money too!! (Ajay Jain - ajay@ajayjain.com, http://TechGazing.com)
  • Demo of Meghdoot: A Multilingual SMS Tool by Shekhar C ,Tensor Lab.
  • UGC Landscape in India :A Reality Check : By Prashant Link To Presentation File* Sun Startup Essentials Program : What does Sun Startup Essentials Program offer to Startups ? http://in.sun.com/startup
  • Building Social Applications : By Himanshu
  • APIs Mashups and 'Ur Own World' (Harsha Vardhan)
  • Delhi Bloggers - Who, What, Why? by (Ashish Chopra)
  • 10 Minute Story telling - Why should you join early stage startup? by (Piyush Gupta)
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Social Networking Applications - Kanav Hasija
  • Building a successful blog - Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration
  • Despair over superficiality associated with blogging and the need to bring that 'personal web diary' thought back on the fore. Charul Shukla of [http://pctricksntips.blogspot.com]
  • Demo of INSTABLOGS: Collaborative Journalism, Bollywood iStyle Ankit Maheshwari - we need a projector and screen for our session
  • The Importance of On-Demand computing environment for scalable and highly available Web 2.0 Applications - Digvijay Singh Rathore, Mukul Sharma - www.navisite.com, Abhijit Bhattacharjee) - Free ondemand hosting Solutions for Sun Startup Essentials Partners in India - http://www.slideshare.net/digvijay_singh_rathore/bar-camp-dehi-3

Car Pool / Lift

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Topics I would like to hear about (add below)


  1. Caching Strategies for your Web App
  2. Your development experiences with Amazon Web Services
  3. Designing for the mobile web
  4. Knowledge Management in your Organization
  5. How did you Automate your life? Efficient use of IT to automate the redundant daily tasks.
  6. Personal Productivity and GTD Apps that you built or use.
  7. Would like to hear about any new web technologies or ideas about.
  8. Rich Internet Applications : AIR, Flex, Lazlo etc etc.
  9. Managing my interrupt driven life
  10. SCRUM/ Agile Project Management
  11. Technology Cheese: It's always Moving (How do I manage it?)
  12. How do you test you apps?, if you do it at all :)
  13. Your dream development setup
  14. Games People Play: Online Gaming Scene in India
  15. Online/Offline: the vanishing dividing line ( AIR, Google Gears)
  16. How to Hire for Startups/ How to get a co-founder ?
  17. Viral Marketing Techniques for startups.
  18. Blogging as Networked Journalism. (I could talk here but can you clarify what you mean: Ajay Jain, ajay@ajayjain.com, http://TechGazing.com)
  19. How to make your blog stand out, and attract tons of visitors.
  20. how to make maximum use of voip in web 2.0 .
  21. Functional programming (Lisp/Scheme/etc)
  22. Is there money in social networking sites?
  23. I am currently in school & a complete geek. For a career in Web 2.0 application development, what kind of education suits me ?


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Live barcampdelhi3 part1

Live barcampdelhi3 part2

My First BarCamp! BarCampDelhi3: AWESOME!

A Live blogging from BarCAmp delhi 3 by Arjun Ghosh, Blue Whale Labs (arjun.ghosh at bluewhalelabs dot com)

Everyday Productivity using Windows Live Tools by Abhishek Kant



- Planning Poker - Agile Estimation for Dummies - Vineet Tyagi

- Role of NLP and AI in developing Intuitive Mobile /IM/Web applications- Gaurav gp@alabot.com 

Writing a Successful Blog - Presentation Slides

Designing for the mobile web

Deploying rails application on EC2

Everyday Productivity using Windows Live Tools


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