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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 5 months ago

Post Mortem for BarCampChennai


  1. Panel discussions would have been good.
  2. More on the spot prototyping of ideas, programming it with the fav tools( contest like!) would have made it more lively. The religious war dynamics did not really kick in.
  3. The fun quizes interspread as originally scheduled would have loosened up people further.
  4. The food was really decent. The unlimited cold juices on both the days was very refreshing.
  5. The idea of two tracks which happened on the first day is a bad idea. Let us look for a easy to roam around hall next time.
  6. The timings should be maintained by the presenters.
  7. Network unavailability for everyone should be fixed.
  8. Snacks and Water once in morning and one around 4 must have kept the people more dynamic.
  9. Avoid HTML in WIKI! The main wiki page is almost unmaintainable because raw HTML was used instead of wiki codes. See this page for info on using wiki codes. An easily maintainable wiki leads to more contribution/interaction. Update Have radically wikified the wikipage.
  10. If such un-conferencing begins with a quiz (say 20 to 30 minutes) it would be a great ice breaker and people would feel more at ease right from the begining