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BarCamps are weekend-long community events, run by volunteers. Nobody is charged for attending a BarCamp although everyone is expected to give a presentation or lead a discussion session. Due to the 'residential' nature of the event there are a number of costs incurred which make great sponsorship opportunities for local businesses, regional tech/industry companies and international companies looking to increase their exposure amongst the Brighton geek/industry scene.


How the sponsorship works


Like most BarCamps, we have created a number of sponsorship packages that represent real costs we face as part of the running of the event. We invite potential sponsors to cover one of the costs. If you think you might be able to sponsor something please mail Matt Weston on matt at mattweston dot org or skype him on matt_weston. And just a reminder: BarCamp is 100% non-commercial, non-profit and community driven. No one is paid for their time, no one is charged to come and no profits are made.


Sponsorship opportunities - food


Here is a list of the costs we face, each of which we estimate at £500 (your mileage may vary - we're working on the idea of £5 a head, but we'll leave the spend and details up to you):



Ideally we would prefer each sponsor to arrange this directly (ie pay a pizza place £500 directly to deliver pizzas to the venue etc). We can recommend and suggest suppliers, we just find it's generally easier for everybody's books if it's done directly.


What food sponsors get



Sponsorship opportunities - other


We're going to concentrate on covering food costs before we open up any other sponsorship opportunities. But if we fill up with food sponsors, we'll look at inventing other things to sponsor, like t-shirts. Or rock.

SCIP have already kindly agreed to lend us projectors.


Thank you.