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Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 4 months ago

The HackingContest at BarCampBoston


A HackingContest is a way to get geeks to be daring and creative. The goal is to design a cool new app in a short amount of time. The entries must usually be judged by a panel of respected judges. Prizes are a good incentive for participation.




Unfortunately, the contest has been cancelled due to lack of interest. I think the contest might have been fun, but I didn't have time to rally hackers to the cause, and if I let it go I'm afraid it will be a dud.


Thank you to all the hackers, judges, and sponsors who expressed interest. Maybe next year!

-- ShimonRura










ShimonRura, Voo2do and Renesys




These are proposed rules and will be subject to change.


  1. You build a software application. It can be a web app, game, a plugin for an existing system, a clone of something else, something totally different, whatever. It just has to be cool.
  2. Contest runs at BarCamp between 5pm on Saturday and 12:30 in the afternoon on Sunday.
  3. All software must be written at BarCamp. You can use open-source code, but you can't just show up and put finishing touches on a half-complete app; that's cheating.
  4. Teams must be between 1 and 5 people.
  5. Each team must register at the beginning of the contest and submit milestones according to the contest schedule, TBD.
  6. All entries remain the property of their respective teams.
  7. Points will be awarded by judges at the conclusion of the contest, and leading teams will win prizes.




Thank you to MikeWalsh for generously offering a prize pot of $500, which he later allowed to be converted to a $200 flexible sponsorship.




This schedule is tentative.


Sat 5pm - team registration; contest begins

Sat 8pm - first mockups/prototype due

Sun 10am - mostly-complete demo due

Sun 12:30pm - final submissions and scoring

Sun 2:00pm - awards ceremony



Entry Ideas


  • Can we ask for projects and offer bounties? For example, my company would love to have something like a really interactive Flash program that could do some complex computations based on a spec, look nice, and be really fast to load - and we'd be more than willing to offer a "bounty" - we have a few promotional items like an Averatec 6100 laptop (MSRP $1100) that we'd be happy to give away...


  • ShimonRura: I think that would be cool. I'm not sure if it would fit with the contest, but you could certainly run your own mini-contest. You just have to round up the people to compete for it...


  • ChrisBall: It's a pity to not have a group coding event -- maybe we could have a breakout meeting early on Saturday to talk about what we could do instead? I'd be happy enough with picking a wanted feature in some open-source app and working on it together, it wouldn't have to be competitive.