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Vision Statement

BarCampBank wants to be identified within three years as the first virtual place where people can exchange ideas on innovation and creation of new business models in the world of banking and finance. BarCampBank wants also to be recognized as a first rate producer of structured thinking and have in place several mechanisms to let new for-profit or non-profit projects in banking and finance come to life.

BarCampBank is going to actively use the new means offered by the Internet to ease rapid and respectful exchanges of ideas, to assure large and high-quality contributions, and finally to allow the coordination of human energies to materialize new projects.

Based on the cooperation of many individuals through the globe, BarCampBank will be able to supercede rigid processes attached to traditional organizations to let new ideas come faster to life and make their implementation more efficient.




This is a translation of a first vision statement in French that can be found here. A vision statement is a brief description of where an organization wants to go within a given time. I reused the standard canvas: Where we want to go? How will we get there? While will we succeed getting there?. -- FredericBaud