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Currently working in a traditional bank, I'm still dreaming of some innovative "venture capital" governed by a wiki-community peer-review of wised experts, geeks, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, vcs, everyone... May be I'm really utopian but still enthusiast to initiate a small first pledge on this page. This page could be dedicated to find out any financial, community-leader and technical expertises (treasurer, reputation-system, decision-making, etc.) ? Any feedback welcome. -- ChristopheDucamp


MattisManzel: Mighty good idea, xtof ! Who's not quite convinced about the neccessity of such in general see the movies on FTP in the folder ruling elite http://nomoretyranny.org/download.htm . Sorry for the bad news. Let's simply make something better. OK? Ripple is interesting btw.


ChrisRiedi : I do not know any of you, but the whole idea of using the internet and peer-to-peer relationships to push further on desintermediation, turns me on. French Banks suck (not as much as in the US but still... look out at their P&L statement, it is shameless)