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What is BarCamp?


BarCamp is a technology oriented participant-created conference. Picture a conference where everybody participates; with no preset schedule; where discussions occur on-the-fly in an organic manner; where collaboration on esoteric topics is not uncommon.


BarCamp is open to anyone who is interested in participating. Attendees consist of programmers, engineers, managers, students,

artists, photographers, and everyone in between. The main tenet of BarCamp is that everyone must participate Participation options include leading a session, helping clean up trash, helping setup, helping at the registration table, and more.


As diverse as the attendees of a BarCamp, the sessions are just as diverse as they are completely driven by the attendees themselves. An attendee at a BarCamp may find sessions such as learning a new programming language, taking a photo walk, discussing open source tools, discussing the role of technology in a Utopia or Dystopia, or hack sessions.


Funding for BarCamp is from solicited cash donations from various corporations. Donations from each entity are limited so that each cash donor is equal. Other in-kind donations of supplies, equipment, and food are solicited from corporations and individuals. Time and energy donations from many volunteers are also needed to put on the event.


Most of all, BarCamp is about meeting new people, sharing knowledge and learning new things, and having fun.


-Original Author: Scott Fradkin



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